Twitter: Here comes the tool to remove followers without blocking them

Arriva uno strumento per rimuovere i follower su Twitter senza bloccarli thumbnail

This is a feature available to all Twitter users, with the aim of increasing the security and privacy of profiles.

Twitter and the Unfollow feature

You also have an unwanted follower on Twitter but that you don’t want to block? Good news for you: in fact, just today, the Twitter social network has officially launched a feature that is right for you. The latter allows users to remove a follower, without the need to block it, in an absolutely discreet way. This is confirmed by the portal, which also lets us know that the feature was already in the testing phase since September.

From today all users can prevent access to their tweets by other profiles. All in a discreet way, removing those unwanted followers and without having to block them. To do this, simply go to the Follower list (present on your profile), click on the three dots to open the options, and choose Remove this follower. This way you will stop seeing his content, he will stop seeing yours dal feed, without receiving any blocking notification. However, remember that if you have a public account, tweets will always be present in the Search section. In that case, the only way to hide your content will be to switch to a private account.

This is yet another step forward for Twitter to reduce harassment and stalking on the platform. In fact, according to, the Tweet giant is developing a system capable of automatically block accounts that use potentially dangerous language.