Oppo Courting the Color: giving a second life to images

Oppo has created the “Courting the Color” project to give a new meaning to the historical moments of tennis thanks to 1 billion shades of color

A few days from the beginning of Wimbledon, OPPO, premium mobile partner of the English tournament, celebrates the return of tennis and of competitions through the initiative “Courting the Colour“. Thanks to the use of a innovative technology and one deep knowledge of imaging, OPPO, in cooperation with Getty Images, ha rediscovered the color of iconic photographs of the past, to tell the hidden story behind each of them. Pushed by vision of technology as a means to inspire e arouse new emotions, this photographic collection brings i to life best moments e representative of tennis in a way never seen before.

The “Courting the Color” initiative was presented during a exclusive workshop held in London and who has seen between protagonists Kevin Cho, Managing Director of OPPO UK; a special guest from the All England Lawn Tennis Club – Mick Desmond, Com- mercial & Media Director; the tennis legend Greg Rusedski; the voice of tennis, Andrew Cotter; e the icon of the fashion, Caroline Issa. These multifaceted personalities they shared theirs enthusiasm for the return of the Wimbledon tournament, addressing the key issues and remembering i crucial moments of the history of tennis, such as the fashion or the theme social inclusion. During the workshop it was shown also there photographic collection, and it was possible test yourself the innovative technology of imaging of OPPO thanks to the smartphone flagship of the company OPPO Find X3 Pro.

Oppo Courting the Color: giving a second life to images

Oppo Courting the Color: recognizing the historical and most iconic moments of tennis

Thanks to OPPO’s cutting-edge technology, each image was subjected to a long process of restoration by the experts of Getty Images. The “Courting the Color” collection, consisting of seven photographs, portrays iconic moments, like the former African American athletes a to win Wimbledon — Althea Gibson e Arthur Ashe – giving new life yet key moment in history of tennis, and of sport in general. The images of Suzanne lenglen, Helen Jacobs e Fred Perry, famous for having brought to the playing field style e glamour, make tribute to some true cultural icons, that have fought for their identity and theirs beliefs – from the change of fashion in e out from the countryside, to overcoming of some stereotypes about female athletes.

“The return of tennis must be celebrated, and what better way than by exploring the iconic moments that made the sport what it is today. The innovation and high technology behind this project have meant that these images, some over 80 years old, seem to have been taken only yesterday, offering an unprecedented point of view and reigniting important conversations on key issues for the world of sport”

– commented the tennis legend Greg Rusedski.

“As a partner of Wimbledon in the last 3 years, OPPO has been able to immediately grasp the essence of the sporting spirit and the importance of tournaments, players and fans, hard hit by the pandemic. With this return to basics we hope to give all fans an even deeper connection to their favorite sport and encourage them to play with passion and emotion. What better opportunity to launch this project than Wimbledon, the beating heart of this sport. “

– he has declared Gregor Almassy, CMO Overseas of OPPO

“As a sport, tennis has always stood out for research and innovation, using cutting-edge techniques to improve the game and open the way to new possibilities. This is why Wimbledon is incredibly proud to partner with OPPO, the world leader in technological innovation, in the Courting the Color campaign “

– he added Mick Desmond, Commercial Director e media of AELTC.

This photographic collection and its objective yes insert in continuity with the vision of the recent OPPO Find X3 Series and in particular, of the new OPPO Find X3 Pro, the smartphone more avant-garde of the company, with a display from 1 billion colors, which allows users to to experiment e to see the color e all her shades in a whole new way.

World leader for creation of revolutionary technologies, as the night mode and the software anti-shake, OPPO points to lead the industry of the mobile photography towards a new era, going beyond the traditional imaging technologies. Il Full Path Colour Management System, implemented for the first time on OPPO Find X3 Pro, it is the first management system of the entire range DCI-P3 and of 10-bit color depth, from capture to memorization, up to visualization. Furthermore, OPPO Find X3 Pro presents even the innovative function “Colour Vision Enhancement”, che allows to perform a perception test of color directly from the display, adjusting the compensation and offering a personalized visual experience e tailored for each user.

The countryside “Courting the Colour” si inserts within the diverse activations of project “Play with Heart” by OPPO, created for approach and for strengthen the emotional bond of fans at sport. This season, the company has commits ad help all the fans he passionate a live the tennis in a new way, challenging i own limits e sharing their passions through the hashtag #ShotOnOPPO, giving exclusive access to the behind the scenes; releasing backgrounds limited edition for smartphone; through a dedicated section all news on Wimbledon on the OPPO website, and of course, through the “Courting the Color” campaign, bringing back the color all historical images. Discover the “Courting the Color“ initiative.

The photographic collection:

Althea Gibson

The first African American woman to win Wimbledon, Althea Gibson is pictured leaving the pitch with her compatriot Darlene Hard after a tough match. Using 1 billion color technology, the image brings new life to a true icon of the tennis world, who has been able to fight to establish herself in sport and prove she deserves her place on the court.

Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors

The first African American to win Wimbledon, Arthur Ashe is portrayed here in 1957 alongside Jimmy Connors. This image, originally in black and white, brings new life to the resilience that Arthur demonstrated in the face of the social injustices of his time.

Helen Jacobs

Portrayed in 1934 at Roland Garros, Helen changed the face of fashion, being the first woman to wear shorts instead of the traditional dress. Thanks to this OPPO initiative, it is now possible to capture all the glamor that characterized the Parisian tournament, highlighting Helen’s style revolution even more.

Fred Perry

Cultural icon Fred Perry won 14 Majors before creating his famous sportswear line that changed the world of fashion. Portrayed here in 1934, Perry is wearing his iconic shirt.

Suzanne lenglen

Fashion pioneer Suzanne Lenglen is portrayed alongside Elizabeth Ryan: this is one of the first images that athletically portray tennis players. Lenglen has become a female icon through her strong passion, anticipating the times, and brought to life today for the first time in color.

All England Croquet Club

Members of the All England Croquet Club are pictured outside the Wimbledon Pavilion in 1870. In 1877, after the first tennis tournament, the club changed its name to The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Through this campaign, it is possible to pay homage to an iconic moment in tennis history.

Wimbledon, post WWII

1946 was the first time that Wimbledon took place after the end of World War II. Thanks to OPPO’s innovative imaging technology, the damage caused by World War II can be seen even more clearly.

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