Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review: the secret to a smart smile

In this article we will see the review of the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush. Oral hygiene is obviously important but what if it also became technological? Let’s find out how

If you thought you knew every smart product, I think you will be amazed this time too. After bringing me the Smart Garden 3 vase review and now it’s time to get to know a truly one-of-a-kind toothbrush! If I have intrigued you, stay tuned because you will see, indeed you will read, some good ones.

I think the first question that arises is: how can a toothbrush be smart? Or at least that’s what I asked myself when we got the proposal to review this product in the editorial office. I admit that I had no idea of ​​the existence of toothbrushes with smart functions. Of course we know all the classic motorized toothbrushes, with rotating heads or similar, but with this Oclean X Pro Elite it goes much further.

Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review: the secret to a smart smile

Design and unboxing | Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review

In the packaging of our toothbrush we find the battery body, a head, a wireless charging base with USB connection and a magnetic wall support. The charger is missing (as usual in all new generation technological devices).

The design is pleasing to the eye as are the materials used. The gray chosen for the toothbrush makes it elegant and suitable for any choice of furniture in your bathroom.

The possibility of using the magnetic wall support will also allow you to hang the toothbrush without having to place it on the charging base every time you finish using it. This way you can keep the base and charger in a piece of furniture and only take out if necessary.

The screen positioned in the center of the toothbrush and the confirmation button increase the level of aesthetics devoted to smart functionality but perfectly matching the design choices made.

Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review: the secret to a smart smile

Technical data sheet and autonomy

Let’s discover this toothbrush together thanks to its characteristics:

  • Wireless fast charging 2.0
  • Large color touch screen
  • 42.000 giri / min
  • 8-zone monitoring of blind zone detection
  • 4 modes for personalized brushing
  • IPX7 waterproof

The requirements for a great product are all there and the autonomy is also quite large. As mentioned previously, you can also store the base in a drawer and use it only when necessary. All this is possible thanks to the large number of washes that can be done with a single refill. With a full charge of about 3 hours you can have about thirty days of use.

Obviously, everything varies according to the mode, intensity and times in which it is used during the day. Our calculation was made on a use of about three times a day for about three minutes per wash with a medium intensity and with the simple washing program.

Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review: the secret to a smart smile

Smart functionality at the top | Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review

The beauty of this toothbrush is obviously the smart features, in addition to the really interesting accessories.

Thanks to the LED screen and the confirmation button you can in fact switch between the various times, modes and your washing routine.

Oclean X Pro Elite offers the possibility to choose between a gum massage, a simple wash, a whitening wash and a sensitive wash. In short, you can from time to time choose what you need or use a different wash if necessary.

The use satisfied us and the powerful motor guarantees a complete cleaning. Our advice is not to use the toothbrush at maximum speed as it is very powerful.

The possibility of creating a real washing map is also a very welcome plus although we would have liked to see a more stable application.

Obviously you can safely use the toothbrush and fully enjoy its functions but by downloading the app in question you may find other interesting features if not essential.

The toothbrush is for obvious reasons IPX7 certified which means that you can safely rinse it under running water.

Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review: the secret to a smart smile

Who should buy this Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush?

Obviously we are not dentists and our final comment as indeed the whole review focuses on the more tech side of the product.

The Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush impressed us with its smart features and battery life. The possibilities it offers are innumerable and the various washing programs we believe can satisfy every palate. The power is sufficient (even too much). The only slightly weaker part of the offer is the app made available to us which is not always responsive.

One point to take into account is also the price of the toothbrush that net of everything it offers it does not boast an exaggerated cost but which is obviously far from the price of a simple automatic toothbrush.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this product to those who have chosen to make their life a tribute to technology but also to those who want to experience first-hand how much technology can be hidden behind a simple object like a toothbrush. Obviously, those who care a lot about their oral hygiene could also be interested.

Points in favor

  • Lots of features
  • An original and working idea
  • Excellent autonomy

Points against

  • A little expensive
  • an app that does not fully convince
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