Oscar 2023: after Will Smith, here is a crisis unit

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The 2023 Oscars open with something new: the creation of a crisis unit, ready to deal with any unwanted event

The night of the Oscars is approaching and preparations for the ceremony are in full swing. While waiting to find out who will take home the coveted statuettes, a piece of news has been making headlines in the last few hours. It is about creating a “Crisis Team“, which will have the task of meticulously monitor everything that happens and intervene if necessary, to prevent events, such as those involving Will Smith in 2022, may happen again. Let’s find out more in detail what it is.

Oscars 2022: the slap of Will Smith

Needless to deny it, of all the moments that characterized the 2022 Oscars, many will only remember the slap that actor Will Smith threw at Chris Rock. The reaction, born due to an unfortunate joke of the comedian against the actor’s wife, had left everyone speechless. There were even those who had speculated that it was a masterfully planned scene. After just a few minutes, the fact was already on everyone’s lips, involuntarily becoming the true representative moment of the ceremony.

This behavior forced the Academy to remove Will Smith from the celebration for 10 yearsproving to be adamant even in the face of an apology from the actor.

Oscar 2023: after Will Smith, here is a crisis unit

Oscars 2023: the “crisis unit”

After such an event, the Academy has decided it will no longer stand idly by. After admitting that it was unprepared for what happened, the organization thought of a real crisis unit for 2023. This will come into operation if needed, to deal with “unscheduled” events .

Bill KramerCEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reflected on this decision in an interview with Time:

We’ve created a whole crisis unit that we’ve never had before. We have prepared several plans and thought of many possible scenarios. Our hope is to be prepared for anything that we cannot anticipate, but could face if it happens.

Kramer then continued:

The communication team and the structures we have put in place to deal with unforeseen situations allow us to know which group we need to assemble quickly, how to act together, who will be the spokesperson and what statements to make.

Probably this choice will create a strong debate between those who are in favor of a respectful ceremony far from oddities and actions in bad taste and those who follow the ceremony in search of events capable of taking the scene away from the simple award ceremonies. Recall that the Oscar ceremony will be held Sunday 12 March. Here is the list of all candidates.

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