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The comfort of your home is at your fingertips with portable air conditioners

Until 25 years ago, it was almost impossible to think of being able to transport an air conditioner from one room to another, and those who could afford it at the time only had fixed air conditioners, installed and built into a wall

In 1997, the turning point: a well-known company brings out the first model of portable air conditioner, and from that moment the comfort in homes, which was previously for the few, becomes accessible to all. The main function of the air conditioner (whether fixed or portable), is to suck in the hot air from the room, cool it to the set temperature, and then release it into the room with the obvious benefits that we all know.

Portable air conditioners

There are three types of portable air conditioners:

  • The monobloc portable air conditioner (with one or two pipes)
  • The portable air conditioner with split
  • The portable air conditioner without exhaust

Monoblock portable air conditioners (with a single pipe), as the word itself says, enclose the cooling circuit, the fan and the compressor in a single block. If on the one hand it may seem a comfortable choice, on the other this can become an inconvenience if some precautions are not used: using the air of the same room where they are located, they cool it bringing it to the temperature set by the user, but at the same time they draw warm air from other rooms, never managing to achieve optimal comfort. For this reason, the advice during use is always to keep the doors of the other rooms closed.

Monobloc portable air conditioners have a very simple operation and are also the most widespread. The price varies from model to model, also based on the power supplied, i.e. the ability to cool more or less large environments. Monobloc air conditioners with two pipes, on the other hand, are more performing than monobloc air conditioners with a single pipe, because one pipe is used to draw in the outside air and the other to evacuate the hot air (outside). This, in addition to allowing better cooling of the environment, allows for lower energy consumption.

The portable split air conditioner works similar to the monobloc one but is made up of two separate elements: the compression and condensing unit which is located outside the home (usually on the balcony), and the air conditioner which is instead inside the house, and is ad hoc connected with a flexible pipe to the outdoor unit.

This type of portable air conditioner has its positive aspects (less noise) but also some negative aspects: it is less simple to position than the monobloc type, because the internal unit must necessarily be near the external unit. Usually, portable split air conditioners also have a dehumidifier function, which is very useful for environments with a high level of humidity. The price of these air conditioners, due to the two units present, is a little higher than the monobloc ones.

Finally we have portable air conditioners without exhaust, but it is improper to define them as such. They refresh the air with the principle of condensation but they are far from being able to be defined as real air conditioners. They cost little and are able to refresh (just a few degrees) a small environment. They are very noisy and ineffective for rooms larger than 15 m2. For correct operation, it is necessary to fill the special tray with water and it is an operation that is carried out quite frequently throughout the day. It is not possible to regulate the temperature and therefore, in terms of performance, it cannot be considered a real air conditioner.

The maintenance

To make them work properly and make them last over time, all portable air conditioners need a little periodic maintenance which however does not require particular expertise, and the most important thing that must never be missing is cleaning the filters.

The portable air conditioner has two types of filters inside, one of which removes odors and the other collects dust. Both need to be cleaned constantly and when they are too worn, they must be changed. Dirty filters are often the cause of breakdowns and malfunctions, as well as making the air conditioner noisier. For all other ordinary maintenance interventions, it is better not to risk it and it is preferable to rely only on qualified personnel.

If you wish to have more information on portable air conditioners, and want to resolve any last doubts before purchasing, we invite you to read the valuable advice of This site specializes in air conditioners.

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