Outlook spam filter seems out of order for many users

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I Microsoft Outlook spam filters they seem to not work for many users today. Several have complained of a large amount of junk messages in their inbox. The situation, judging by the complaints on social networks, looks extended to both Europe and the United States.

Microsoft Outlook spam filter does not seem to work

Many users have complained on social media about the spam filter in their mail folder. Outlook seems not to have sufficiently filtered the mail of several users of the Microsoft app, including Tom Warren of The Verge, who spoke about it in the magazine. We have not found any spam in our folderand it seems that not all users have encountered problems.

Therefore, it seems that the spam filter problem does not work only for some users. At the moment the Outlook team of Microsoft did not respond to comments of users or to questions from the press.

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If you’re currently having the problem, you can start removing notifications from the app to avoid getting disturbed by too many emails. Discarded all emails that have titles with too many special characters (*°ç%&) and have a strange sender.

For your safety, avoid downloading attachments and clicking on email links whose sender you don’t know, especially on devices you use for work.

Please let us know if you are facing the issue al Outlook spam filter, or if you haven’t seen an increase in junk emails. We’ll keep you posted as Microsoft responds to user comments.

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