Overwatch: a character could change name for the storm Activision Blizzard

The storm of Activision and Blizzard rages on Overwatch: a character in the game could change his name or even be withdrawn

The one of Activision e Blizzard is a media storm that has exposed an unhealthy sexist climate in the office, and now the players of Overwatch arise in the name of justice due to the characteristic of a personage. Before proceeding further, we invite you to discretion for thematic that we are going to deal with. You will know that a certain cowboy in the playable cast of the online shooter is named exactly like one of the developers. It is no coincidence, since the parents of Jesse McCree (intended as a programmer) according to his son are fans of the game. However, some details have emerged that make this choice inappropriate.

“Don’t Call Me by My Name”: the case of the Overwatch and Activision Blizzard character

Just the day before yesterday, Activision Blizzard employees paused work to protest the atmosphere in the office, and despite the apology from high places, fans are asking for more: now, Overwatch’s McCree character could change name. According to a group chat, some colleagues have renamed the “Cosby Suite” (for obvious reasons) the room of Alex Afrasiabi, full of alcohol and expressly aimed at use for the seduction. You can see the conversation below; as far as our translation is concerned, we will opt for the paraphrase.

David Kosak, a designer at Activision, suggested using the room as a harem, addressing Afrasiabi the invitation “not to marry them all”. Afrasabi, appealing to his Middle Eastern ethnicity, disagreed. McCree he intervened inviting Kosak to change the verb with another one you can imagine. The dislike tangible fans did not fail to appeal to the development team to change the character’s name, making “Jesse McCree” a pseudonym, or even to kill him. In the first case, the solution would prove difficult in terms of dubbing (given the lines in which he is called by name), while the second hypothesis seems quite extreme. We do not know what Blizzard intends to do on the occasion of the sequel.

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