Pac – Land: from today returns to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 stores

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This 2022 promises to be full of retrogaming since today, on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 stores, it is already possible to download Pac – Land

One of the platforming adventures of famous yellow ball (already the protagonist of his special that you can find here) is therefore back from the eighties and from what remains of shop Wii U. So get ready to do a stroll around Pac – Land! But let’s go ahead with some order.

Pac – Land: from cartoons to videogames (again)

Pac – Land is a title dating back to the distant past 1984basically the Orwellian year par excellence, based on the adventures experienced by our nice yellow ball during his time as a cartoon star aired between 1982 and 1984.

Also this time there will be fruit Of every kind, objects various and the quartet of ghostmini Blinky, Pinky, Inky e Clyde assieme alla dolce a half of our favorite spherical hero, but with this title we will be faced with a real side scrolling platform where our protagonist he will have to rescue some fairies and bring them back to Fairyland. In this chapter however there will be no iconic mazesbut changing from time to time doesn’t hurt.

Pac - Land: from today returns to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 stores

Also mentioned within one of the landscapes of the fighting game saga of Super Smash Bros., this title can be downloaded today from the digital stores of Nintendo Switch e PS4but we remind you that within the end of May the Museum + edition should also arrive for the most diehard fans!

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