Palworld: accusations of plagiarism against Pokémon, Pocketpair responds

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The accusations of plagiarism may have some basis: from the frying pan of Pokémon to the grill of Palworld, comes Pocketpair’s response

That the character designer of Game FreakKen Sugimori, had the fans’ passion for weapons Pokémon they’ve always known it, but maybe they didn’t even expect it Pocketpairdevelopment team behind the blockbuster Palworldwould have coped with accusations of plagiarism. In our first guide to the game we joked a bit about the situation, which is more serious than expected Takuro Mizobe asked, among “various opinions” on the game, to stop making “abusive and defamatory comments against our artists, in addition to tweets including death threats.” And as we distance ourselves from harassment of artists, posts like the one below are popping up on Twitter like mushrooms.

Pokémon and Palworld: deserved success for Pocketpair or pure plagiarism?

Another user, Byo (below), included among his tweets numerous videos in which it is clear how Pocketpair has moved from the mere “inspiration” behind Palworld to the actual plagiarism of structures and Pokémon. A senior character artist anonymously commented on this with the foreign trade press. “There is no way you can get the same aspect ratio across multiple 3D models from another game ‘accidentally’ without exporting them, or at least without meticulously tracing them. I could testify in court as a subject matter expert.” The source later cited as an example the recycling of some character designs in the sequels and the hard work that requires. “I saw thirty different artists try to create the same horse following the same guidelines and the proportions never matched.” The sector lawyer David Hansel described evidence of plagiarism as potentially “a smoking gun” in the hands of The Pokémon Company. Proving Pocketpair’s guilt, however, would only be up to Nintendo.

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