Panda Security: leader in AV-Comparatives performance tests

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Cyber ​​security is not to be taken lightly and Panda Security knows it well, being elected leader in AV-Comparatives performance tests

Cyber ​​security threats are constantly evolving and multiplying, just think that Over 300,000 malware is created every day. For this reason, Panda Security constantly strives to offer the highest level of protection and threat prevention. The emergence of so many new potential risks does not necessarily mean new concerns for the company’s customers: in fact, while overall the risk of receiving malware has increased by 600% since the outbreak of the pandemic, this does not involve Panda users.

AV-Comparatives Performance Tests elect Panda Security as the industry leader

As demonstrated by the Performance test di AV-Comparatives, Panda Free Antivirus it is the best program in its class. Each year, AV-Comparatives analyzes the 18 most relevant cybersecurity solutions on the market in its performance test. The less informed will surely be wondering which parameters are taken into account during these tests and now we will give you an explanation. But first we must point out that testing was conducted using a low-end Windows 10 PC which fitted: an i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive. This machine was chosen to be as close as possible to the use case of a common user.

The test evaluates:

  • Copy files: Check files copied from one physical hard drive to another.
  • Archiving and unarchivingStorage of work files is often slowed down when an antivirus scans their content.
  • Application installation: the programs used are commonly used and the time needed to install them is evaluated.
  • Starting applications: the test mainly involves the usual applications of the Office and Adobe package with which users work on their PCs.
  • Downloading files: Common downloaded files hosted on an Internet server.
  • Browsing of websites: Time required to open, fully load and view the best websites using the Google Chrome browser.
  • PC Mark: overall PC performance.

Panda Security: leader in AV-Comparatives performance tests

As is evident from the image above, Panda Security turned out to be the best brand in all the fields examined. This important recognition encourages Panda to further increase its commitment and investment in research and development. It is in this context that the most advanced version of the most comprehensive security software was born: the 21.00 update of Panda Dome which guarantees total protection accessible to all. In particular:

  • Compatibility with ARM devices: Following the recent adaptation to Windows 11, the software is compatible with all devices and operating systems.
  • Optimizations to the management of firewall rules: they add to the improvement of the user experience so that the user can adapt the interface without problems to their needs.
  • Microsoft Edge support in CleanUp: now also compatible with Edge, the speed of the computer should not depend on the browser used.

What do you think of the performance of the Panda Security software in the AV-Comparatives Performance Tests and of the novelties of the Panda Dome package? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news relating to the software universe, continue to follow the pages of!

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