Wednesday 2: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

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Let’s see together what is known about Wednesday season 2, especially release date, cast, trailer and plot

Tim Burton’s Wednesday has managed to win over audiences on all fronts. There renewed Addams familythe new characters and the magical world they live in, the investigative plot and pop images helped make Wednesday a “global phenomenon”, as defined by the video announcement published on Twitter by the official Netflix account.

The announcement of a sequel was inevitably almost immediate: Wednesday 2 will be done, and it will still be done on Netflix. The first season threw a lot of meat on the fire and promised a continuation to be eagerly awaited. Let’s see what information we have on the sequel to the first TV series signed by Tim Burton.

Wednesday 2: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

Plot | Wednesday 2: release, plot, trailer and cast

Netflix and Burton have been stingy with details in this regard, and Wednesday’s season 2 announcement is devoid of any plot indications. Nonetheless, the finale of the first season has certainly set up substantial and interesting premises to continue with the mysteries of Nevermore. The biggest question we’ll be trying to answer in Season 2 is the message Wednesday received in the finale.

That message will probably be the bridge between the series of murders in the first season and an even more complex mystery to be solved in the future. All this inevitably links to Tyler and Mrs. Thornhill, the antagonists of the first season who will undoubtedly come back to disturb Wednesday. Tyler in particular could take an interesting path as his actions were the result of Thornhill’s influence: if he gets rid of it, he could instead become a precious ally for little Addams and redeem himself.

cast | Wednesday 2: release, plot, trailer and cast

Among the host of interpreters in the second season we find all the faces we have already met in the first. Leading the cast could not miss Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, probably the most talked about element of the series so far. Ortega managed to express Wednesday with her expression carved in stone and her decisive but elegant movements. Next to her the ever-present Mano.

Emma Myers will still be Wednesday’s roommate, Enid Sinclair, as well as her other most recognized schoolmates: Bianca (Joy Sunday), Xavier (Percy Hynes White), Ajax (George Farmer) e Yoko (Naomi J. Ogawa). Among the staff we don’t know for sure if we will see Marilyn Thornill again (Christina Ricci), but it’s likely his role in Jericho isn’t over. Finally, Wednesday’s family will see again Luis Guzmán, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Isaac Ordonez e Fred Armisen as Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester, respectively.

Wednesday 2: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

The trailer and the release date

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With the words of Wednesday Netflix launches the announcement and confirms that the second season will take place, but does not add other details. For trailers and plot ideas there will still be patiencebut we are sure it will be worth it. The release date? Nothing for sure but why not repeat it in November… Follow us to find out more details on Wednesday 2!

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