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Personalize your gaming world with gadgets with personalized prints

The world of gaming is completely customizable and can be done with various prints and creations. Let’s discover them together

Digital printing nowadays delivers numerous possibilities which until a few years ago were unthinkable. Not only for companies, but also for individuals, who want to personalize what they use every day. It is a reality that offers the possibility to those who love the gaming world to customize consoles, monitors, mice and accessories of various kinds.

The new frontiers of digital printing

Some companies that deal with this sector today allow printing on steel and metal, glass, plastic and fabrics. Basically it is possible to print on any material, with high quality, durable and resistant results. Clearly to do this it is necessary to have special printers available, equipped with accessories that allow printing on the most diverse materials. The different porosity of the materials leads to the need to use specially designed inks to give an adequate result on specific supports.

Obviously, for printing on steel, ceramic, plastic or glass, the same inks are not used as for the classic digital prints on paper. Anyone wishing to personalize a particular object will therefore have to contact experts in the sector, who can guarantee a result that meets expectations.

Personalize your gaming world with gadgets with personalized prints

Why customize gaming items

Who has the passion for video games and virtual reality uses different types of accessories on a daily basis; from viewers 3D to console controllers, from the latest generation consoles to chairs specially designed to accommodate the player in sessions lasting many consecutive hours. Having your own personalized console, your own gaming chair, can be a way to have fun but also to make your way in this particularly fierce field.

It is therefore not only a solution for yourself, to be admired when you sit down to play, but which also helps to make a name for yourself. In fact, gaming enthusiasts often have the habit of showing their gaming sessions online, to share their experiences with others. It is clear that showing on streaming services dedicated to gaming that you have the latest fully customized console on the market is a gesture that allows you to get noticed right away, the same goes for all the other accessories that are used in the gaming world.

Personalize your gaming world with gadgets with personalized prints

Non-traditional gadgets

After all, they are often seen personalized gadgets of all kinds, even at fairs dedicated to gaming and information technology. However, this kind of object is often reduced to a very specific area: these are small gadgets, which companies use to convey the image of their brand. Customized digital printing on various materials also allows medium-sized shops and gaming companies to offer their customers customized objects, ranging from the classic mouse pad to gamer chairs or aluminum water bottles.

With high quality results, vibrant and solid colors and the most disparate graphics, even in large sizes. The technology available today makes it possible to contain costs and to personalize even the single object, with unique and original innovative graphics for each customer. For all the updates from the tech world and beyond, keep following us on

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