Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

Peter Pan & Wendy: Disney presenta i protagonisti

We finally have a release date for Peter Pan and Wendy, the new Disney live action. While waiting for the film, here is the unmissable trailer

There are many great Disney classics that the production company is transforming into real films, with real-life actors. Among the latest, the famous Peter Pan. The new live action, entitled Peter Pan e Wendyis in fact about to see the light.

The plot and the cast | Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

The film Peter Pan and Wendy is expected to resume the original Disney story, in which it is about Wendya sweet little girl who, one evening, meets the fearless Peter Pan, a boy who just doesn’t want to know how to grow up. The two, in the company of Wendy’s brothers and the fairy tinklewill leave for Neverland, where they will meet new friends, such as the Lost Children, but also ruthless pirates, commanded by the fearsome Captain Hook.

The film, directed by David Loweryhas as protagonists Alexander Molonywho will play Peter Pan ed Ever Anderson, which instead we will see in the guise of Wendy. Captain Hook will instead be played by the famous Jude Law. Also in the cast Jim Gaffiganas Sponge and Yara Shahidi in those of Tinker Bell. Wendy’s two younger brothers, John and Michael, will be played by Joshua Pickering and Jacobi Jupe, respectively. Giglio Tigrato will instead have the face of Alyssa Wapanatâhk.

Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

The Trailer | Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

Finally, after months of little information, Disney has released a trailer in which new details about the live action are shown. In the video you can see how central the figure of Wendy is, perhaps even more than that of Peter Pan. In fact, she is the girl who is the real protagonist of these previews. Who knows if it will be like this for the whole film as well. In addition to the two protagonists, we can finally get to know other iconic characters, who have remained in the hearts of the little ones since the cartoon was released. In fact, we can see the girl’s two little brothers, Michael e Johni Lost Children, tinkle e Giglio Brindle. Obviously the villain of the story could not be missing, that is Captain Hook. Here is the trailer:

The release date | Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

The good news is not over, because Disney, in addition to the trailer, has also announced the release date of Peter Pan and Wendy. It’s about the April 28, 2023, day when the film will be made available on Disney+. A little more patience then, before we can enjoy what the director has defined as “a joyful story, full of exuberance and magic”. Lowery then added:

When Disney proposed the project to me, I had the same answer as many: Peter Pan has already been done so many times, is there a need for another film? But then I thought about what it meant to me and I started to feel emotionally involved. I will show everything from my point of view; it could turn out to be my most adult film ever, despite the fact that it’s about a kid who doesn’t want to grow up. It’s a very mature retelling of the story. There will be more Peter Pan movies in the future, but every generation will have its own Peter Pan. I want to make the best possible version for everyone who will know the story of this legend for the first time.

Peter Pan and Wendy: here is the trailer and the release date

I prossimi live action

Do you think that after Peter Pan and Wendy Disney intends to stop with live action? If you answered yes, you are wrong. In fact, the production house has many new remakes of great classics in the pipeline, such as The little Mermaid (here’s the trailer), He is a fool and a new version of snow-white. But that’s not all, there would also be other cartoons, which Disney would like to turn into films, the production of which is still shrouded in mystery. Any examples? Hercules, The hunchback of Notre Dame, The sword in the Stone, Bambi, The Aristocats e Lilo  & Stitch. If you are interested in these new productions, you just have to keep following You know so you don’t miss the next news about it!

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