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De’Longhi: discovering the new Eletta Explore

De’Longhi guides you to discover an infinite number of hot and cold drinks with the brand new Eletta Explore

Eletta Explore is the new De’Longhi machine designed to prepare an infinite variety of hot and cold recipes at home, with over 50 pre-set milk and coffee-based drinks. De’Longhi’s automatic bean coffee machine is capable of creating cold milk foam with the new LatteCrema Cool technology. The exclusive Cold Extraction technology, for cold extraction, allows you to obtain Cold brew coffee in just under 5 minutes and without waiting for the classic 12 hours.

De'Longhi: discovering the new Eletta Explore

Details on the new De’Longhi Eletta Explore

The possibility to choose between coffees and drinks from all over the world with the new De’Longhi Eletta Explore automatic coffee bean machine. To discover your favorite flavor and explore an infinite variety of different hot and cold drinks, starting with freshly ground coffee beans. With over 50 pre-set recipes, Eletta Explore is designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes at the touch of a button. Adding a wide selection of cold drinks to the classic hot drink recipe book (espresso, cappuccino, americano, etc.).

New technologies

Eletta Explore is the De’Longhi model equipped with 3 exclusive technologies for preparing different types of drinks. From the LatteCrema Hot carafe, capable of preparing a creamy and dense hot milk foam at the simple touch of a button; to LatteCrema Cool technology, a new milk frothing system capable of providing a sweet and cold froth. Added to these is the Cold Extraction Technology, designed for cold extraction, and therefore suitable for preparing cold brew coffee in less than 5 minutes, simplifying an extraction process that normally takes up to 12 hours.


Thanks to the integrated grinding system, which can be adjusted up to 13 levels, with Eletta Explore it is possible to savor the ground coffee at the moment! Without having to give up the freshness and aromas of the beans. The large color touch display of the machine allows you to select your favorite drink intuitively, memorizing the most frequent selections. Furthermore, by connecting to the Coffee Link App, it will be possible to manage preferences directly from the smartphone and discover up to 100 new drinks to prepare. The new De’Longhi machine is designed to satisfy even the consumption habits of the youngest and take-away coffee lovers. In fact, they can choose to prepare To-Go drinks, up to 475ml volume, to be taken away from home and consumed at any time of the day. This using the practical De’Longhi Mug To-Go or your favorite travel mug.

De'Longhi: discovering the new Eletta Explore

Availability and price of the new De’Longhi Eletta Explore

The new Eletta Explore model will be available in Italy from March, at the suggested introductory price of 1149 euros. It will be supported by an ad hoc communication campaign on De’Longhi’s social channels, which will once again feature global ambassador Brad Pitt.

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