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Peter Pan & Wendy: here is the new trailer of the live action

Peter Pan & Wendy is the new live action of the famous cartoon that will be available from April 28 on Disney Plus: let’s discover the new trailer together

A highly anticipated film for all Disney Plus subscribers is Peter Pan & Wendy, a live action that will be available on the platform from April 28 and certainly one of the most interesting releases of the month. A few days after its release, a new official trailer is available that allows you to take a further look at the film.

Peter Pan & Wendy: here is the new trailer of the live action

At the basis of this new film is the novel by JM Barrie and the 1953 animated film The Adventures of Peter Pan, but in a revisited key above all because here we see Wendy’s point of view, as the title also suggests. The protagonists are those that we remember from the original story, Peter Pan, Wendy and of course Captain Hook, played by Jude Law that we see in the trailer next to the ever-present Sponge. What changes will be their attitude and some plot passages that will be completely new.

From the trailer we can see a Wendy protagonist and totally immersed in the adventure and this could already be one of the differences with the original story as well as one of the most interesting passages of this live action. The film is directed by David Lowery, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Toby Halbrook which is based on the original novel.

It is not the first reinterpretation of the cartoon and the novel, because over the years we have seen many, even within other stories such as the Once Upon a Time TV series which had revived a great Peter Pan villain and a charming and repentant Captain Hook on the way to becoming a hero. We are therefore curious to see this new live action hoping it will surprise us!

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