Shrek 5: confirmed the release of a new chapter

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It’s official: Shrek will be back with a new release, here’s everything we know about Chris Meledandri’s announcement about the unmissable Shrek 5

One of the animated films that was able to make the history of modern cinema is about to return. After the creation of four successful feature films, a series of small specials and a Broadway musical adaptation, we were almost convinced that the Shrek franchise was over. Nothing more wrong. Shrek will be back in fact with a brand new chapter. Here’s everything we know about the release of Shrek 5.

Shrek 5: confirmed the release of a new chapter

The announcement | Shrek 5: confirmed the release of a new chapter

The long-awaited news was given by Chris MeledandriCEO of Illumination Entertainmentcreative partner of DreamWorks. The film producer confessed that a new chapter in the story of the most beloved ogre ever, is about to go into production. Rumors had already circulated in recent months that something new was in the works, but that of the CEO is finally here official news. Chris Meledandri made the announcement to Variety, on the occasion of the release of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie (here our review). He confessed:

It’s not that different from the process we dealt with “Mario”: we took the fundamental elements loved by the public and we brought them to the big screen, trying to honor their legacy. We are also working to build new story elements and new characters, so as to be able to transport spectators to new places. The original cast remains but a fundamental part of the Shrek saga.

Meledandri has in fact stressed that the project will require the participation of many of the historic original voices, including Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas ed Eddy Murphy. The latter has already expressed his enthusiasm for the new chapter. “If DreamWorks wanted to make another Shrek, I wouldn’t think twice,” he enthuses. Clearly it’s still too early to talk about a plot and a release date, given that the project is still in the very early stages of processing. However, some talks are underway with all the incredible cast, who have been able to make the Shrek films unmissable.

An assured success?

According to Chris Meledandri, this fifth chapter will also be a huge success. It is possible that this is really the case, given that the adventures of the iconic ogre Shrek and all of his friends accompanied us throughout our childhood, becoming a real cult of modern animation. Upon its release it totally revolutionized the way of making cinema, especially as regards films for the little ones. For the first time, the protagonist of a feature film was neither handsome nor good-looking, but an irreverent anti-hero who immediately managed to win over young and old alike. Perhaps, precisely for this reason, we at everything we can’t wait for you to come back.

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