Phasmophobia: It is now possible to go ghost hunting in single player

Phasmophobia is one year old and the Kinetic Games team has decided to celebrate the milestone by adding the offline single player mode

Create a team of ghost hunters with their friends, each with a technical role in the hunt. Phasmophobia, which came in early access on Steam last Halloween, gained popularity after terrorizing numerous Twitch streamers. Making paranormal investigations with friends that they broadcast anxious and gruesome moments with and without VR, and the ability to speak to ghosts in various ways, made single player a superfluous thing in Phasmophobia.

The thrill of the single player in Phasmophobia

In function of the anniversary, the game has received a new update that not only adds or improves some features, but also allows you to play games on Phasmophobia in single player offline, thus removing the role that the allies would have taken to monitor the phenomena. The player will be at the mercy of his own survival instinct, the moment the real fear starts to wince. Kinetic Games announced the new patch on the Steam page and on their Twitter account, thanking for the continued support received.

Other improvements in Phasmophobia beyond single player are the reworking of the diary where they record alleged supernatural occurrences and the removal of evidence found by players. The update also concerns the compensation obtained in the event that ghost hunting contracts fail, and instead of receiving 10 dollars you can have a figure based on the difficulty with which you have played. Phasmophobia still remains an Early Access game, but it has what it takes to become one of the hottest co-op games entertaining and disturbing your PC.

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