Philips: lots of products for a special Christmas

Philips: tantissimi prodotti per un Natale speciale

A special Christmas with Philips products! From electric toothbrushes, to gifts to underline one’s style, to those designed for new parents. A range of products to satisfy your every need

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. A moment to dedicate to family, friends, loved ones and… to the endless list of gifts to buy! The pressure can be said to be on when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Especially when it comes to buying gifts that add value to people’s everyday lives. Philips (here for more info) offers a wide range of personalized gifts based on everyone’s needs and habits. Here is a list of perfect gifts for every budget.

Philips: lots of products for a special Christmas

Philips presents Christmas products for beauty lovers

Depilation is a choice: whether you choose to remove hair or not, both in terms of timing and areas of the body. The Philips hair removal range offers a customized solution for all needs, whatever your loved one’s self-care routine. Although you can use Philips Lumea all year round, it is recommended that you start your treatments in winter so that you have smooth, depilated skin in time for summer, well before your toes hit the sand. It’s the perfect winter gift!

Philips Lumea Series 9000: Philips Lumea 9000 Series replaces the inconvenience of going to the beauty salon with the comfort of your own home. Allowing you to enjoy 6 months of smooth, hair-free skin and forget about the last time you held a razor! Philips Lumea 9000 Series comes with four smart accessories that adapt perfectly to all areas of the body: from underarms to bikini line, face and legs. The built-in SmartSkin sensor identifies your skin tone and recommends the most effective setting, in order to achieve the best possible results. Use corded or cordless, in conjunction with the Philips Lumea IPL app to receive personalized treatment plans and helpful reminders. Available on at the recommended price of €599.99 or by subscription with the Try & solution Buy at €34.95 per month.

For the most stylish in the family

And for the friend passionate about style and grooming? This Christmas Philips will take care of it! OneBlade simplifies every shaving routine and with the new 360 blade, which adapts to every curve of the face, it’s even easier.

Philips OneBlade Face & Body con lama 360: if you already own OneBlade, Philips has just launched the new and innovative 360 ​​blade. It moves in all directions and adapts to every curve of the face, maintaining constant contact with the skin and ensuring control at all times. Easily shave, trim and trim, even the hardest to reach areas, with fewer strokes and greater comfort. Available on at the recommended price of €56.99 for the Face & Body version

For a comfortable and personalized shave

To give a perfectly smooth and shaved facial skin, there is Philips Shaver Series 9000, the smartest razor from Philips that offers an optimal and precise shave thanks to the double precision NanoTech blades, and a personalized experience with Skin IQ technology that adapts to the user.

Philips Shaver Serie 9000: Do you know someone in the family who shaves regularly and is looking for a cutting-edge device? Philips Shaver S9000 is the smartest and most precise shaver, powered by artificial intelligence for incredible skin comfort. The shaver’s advanced sensors detect how much pressure you apply and the light signal indicates if you are applying too much or too little pressure. For a personalized shave that suits everyone and protected skin. Available on at the recommended price of €223.99.

For wellness lovers who want a healthy smile

Give a whiter, healthier smile with the latest technology from Philips with the Sonicare electric toothbrush with Sense IQ technology.

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige: Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige detects your brushing style and adapts in real time as you clean. The brush head features angled bristles that help remove up to 20x more plaque in even the hardest to reach areas. The triangular tips remove up to 100% more stains in less than two days and the longer bristles clean deeply, for up to 15x healthier gums in just two weeks. All this without ever having to change heads! Using the Sonicare App, you can receive personal guidance to help you brush as effectively as possible. Philips Sonicare can be charged upright on an elegant charging base that fits into any modern bathroom. The essential device for your personal care routine. Available on at the recommended price of €349.99 or by subscription with the Try & Buy solution a €16.99 per month.

Philips: lots of products for a special Christmas

Gifts for new parents

The Philips Avent range offers great gift ideas for new or soon-to-be parents; everyday products that can be used at home or on the go.

  • Philips Avent Electric breast pump: Inspired by the baby and effective for the mother, the Philips Avent electric breast pump offers the perfect balance between suction and nipple stimulation, naturally mimicking the baby’s suckling. This natural movement technology allows for a faster flow of milk, while gently adapting to the size and shape of the nipple. This product is available as a single or double breast pump. Available on at the recommended price of €119.99.
  • Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor: A perfect gift for future parents. The Philips Avent digital video baby monitor allows you to maintain a secure and private connection with your baby at all times. You will be able to hear your baby in perfect audio quality and see him in crystal clear vision (2.7″ LCD), both day and night. Available on at the recommended price of €299.99 or by subscription with the Try & Buy solution at €29.99 per month.

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