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Italians and household appliances: the most sought-after devices

The pandemic has changed things, and the habits of Italians – since 2020 – have never been the same. Among the new routines, the kitchen has made a strong comeback, which today represents a must in many homes

The lockdown has in fact led to the rediscovery of the pleasure of cooking, a hobby that is also an art, and which has conquered more and more people. Obviously, the right tools are needed in the kitchen to be able to cultivate this passion and, for this reason, it is advisable to understand which appliances are currently the most sought after.

Yes to household appliances, but with an eye to savings

Yes to household appliances, but without losing sight of the needs in the bill.

In summary, it’s good to surround yourself with the most useful devices in the kitchen, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of consuming too much electricity. Today, then, there are some innovative options for monitoring your household appliances more effectively: we speak, for example, of the electricity consumption meter, which collects meter data and stores them providing a real-time overview of the amount of energy used. Naturally, when buying a new appliance, it is of fundamental importance to choose a model with a high energy class. It costs more, it is true, but it allows you to save on consumption and therefore on bills, paying for itself in the short or medium term. Furthermore, it is important to learn how to use these devices correctly, as always with the aim of reducing energy waste.

What are the most sought-after kitchen appliances?

Black Friday has just taken place, and as always it has provided valuable information on the purchasing trends of Italian consumers, including cuisine. In this period of the year there is an appliance that always conquers the first places in the standings, and we are talking about the planetary mixer. A must in the kitchen, especially for those who love to make dough for baked goods such as bread and pizza at home, or for the base of various cakes and desserts. Even food processors enter the top places of this ranking by right, together with another device that is really collecting incredible numbers.

We refer to the air fryer, both the classic drawer type and the oven type one, which is much more modern and technological. In reality, the list continues with other trendy appliances, such as the electric steamer, preferred above all for its ability to reduce consumption in the bill. We could not fail to mention other examples of the cry during Black Friday, such as the spiralizer for vegetables, vacuum machines, the machine for making bread at home, the electric plate for crepes, the milk frother and the very classic coffee machines. Finally, here are some goodies such as the roner for sous vide cooking.

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