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Philips: tips for a perfect beard with OneBlade

Philips OneBlade tips to take care of your beard and body after returning from summer, let’s find out together in this article

Long, short, curved, square, or barely hinted beard? Summer is coming to an end e September has just arrived, along with autumn, returning to the office and the need for shave and take care of his beard marked by the sun and the sea. Now is the right time to get back in line and choose a new look in view of the autumn season.

The hairstyle of the beard, in fact, says a lot about personality of a man and his style. That’s why, even on the occasion of the World Beard Daywhich is celebrated on September 3, Philips wants to encourage all men to accept facial and body hair and style it as they want, when they want and where they want, because personal style and practicality are fundamental elements when it comes to taking care of your person and starting again with determination in the chaos of everyday life.

Philips: tips for a perfect beard with OneBlade

Keeping yourself in order with the right tools and advice

The good news is that with the the right tools and advice It has never been easier to keep facial and body hair tidy, in the comfort of your own home or on the go. With Philips OneBlade Face + Body che shave, adjust and refine face and body hair of any length, you no longer need to use so many tools: OneBlade does it all.

Equipped with a blade for the total and a blade for the body with system of protection hook-on, which allows you to act in the most delicate points as well as on the neck, OneBlade, thanks to the versatility that distinguishes it, satisfies any style need.

The words of Simone Marcucci

Simone MarcucciMedia, PR & Influencer Marketing Manager – Philips Personal Health Italy, Israel and Greece, explains:

At Philips we are proud to have created a hybrid product capable of responding to every desire for face and body care. Also usable in the shower, OneBlade is the perfect ally to express your style every day, in everyday life or on the go.

If he come back in from the holidays, with the arrival of September and the good intentions that this brings with it, it was not enough to stimulate a restart with a flourish with an eye to your own barba marked by sun, chlorine and saltthen the World Beard Day it may be the right occasion. Here, then, are the trends grooming autumn, from which to be inspired or to remain faithful.

Philips: tips for a perfect beard with OneBlade


Always in fashion and ideal for beginners, the goatee it grows quickly and requires only a close shave around the edges, so that the cheeks, upper lip and neck are free of hair. To obtain the classic goatee, it will be enough to cut the beard of the chin pointing downwards. Philips OneBlade Face + Body features a unique double-sided blade that allows you to shave in both directions for one precise and personalized style.


Robust and apparently neglectedthat is short, medium or thickthe beard stubble remains the most popular ever. Faster to grow and easier to maintain, it enhances the cheeks and jaw. OneBlade Face + Body comes with three combs: from 1 mm to create a one-day shave look, from 3 mm for a precise finish and from 5 mm for a longer beard style. The important thing is to shave check it out.

Short Boxed

For a beard curated and defined, the Short Boxed is the most classico looks. Refine the sides in order to maintain it square, clean and with cheekbones in evidence. OneBlade Face + Body follows every contour, effectively finishing and shaving all areas of the face, from cheeks to neck and beyond. Thanks to its a double protection con sliding coating e rounded tipsthe skin is protected and the shaving is comfortable.

Philips: tips for a perfect beard with OneBlade

A healthy beard all year round

True, returning to the office or a celebratory day like Word Beard Day can stimulate good intentions. However, only consistency can turn them into good habits. Here are three simple tips for a well-groomed and healthy beard all year round.

  • Keep it clean: Wash your beard at least as often as you wash your hair, ideally every day, to remove dirt and debris and avoid itching. Use specific beard products or a mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse well with water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Comb it: An ad hoc wooden comb, gently comb the beard in the direction that Con grows, every day and before shaving. This will help get rid of knots, food and other debris, for a better shave and a cleaner beard. Combs with wider teeth are best suited to long, thick beards, while those with thinner teeth are perfect for whiskers and short beards.
  • Choose your own trusted razor: Philips OneBlade is the perfect travel companion, thanks to its compact size and rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 45 minutes of constant styling after an eight hour charge.

Philips: tips for a perfect beard with OneBlade

Body care

The habit of manscapingthat is the male hair removal of other parts of the body besides the totalcome chest, armpits, back, arms, legs and groin, is more and more popular among men of all age groups. Whether you want a smooth look all over your body, or prefer a close shave, Philips OneBlade Face + Body comes with a dedicated body blade and protective sheath for an extra layer of protection on sensitive areas.

In addition, its unique shaving technology featuring a rapid movement (6000 cuts per minute) makes it effective even on the longest hairs. Finally, it is completely waterproofwhereby it is possible to shave both from dry than weteven in the shower and without the need to shaving foam.

Advise: shave one area of ​​the body at a time. There is no rush and it is normal to take the time to try out different lengths before deciding which one you like best.

What do you think of these tips from Philips, to take care of your beard and body, on the occasion of World Beard Day? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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