Phishing: a QR code to pay for parking but it’s a scam

Phishing: un codice QR per pagare il parcheggio ma è una truffa thumbnail

Machine parking on a city street

In the United States and, in particular, in Texas, in the cities of San Antonio e Austin, one is in progress new scam that uses a QR code for phishing purposes. The police departments of the respective cities have raised the alarm and have registered an increasing number of cases. The scam follows a very simple pattern. Let’s see the details.

Some scammers using the QR code for phishing attacks in the USA

Cases of QR code phishing are multiplying in San Antonio and Austin. Everything revolves around paying for parking. The crooks have posted gods QR codes on parking meters that citizens can use to pay for parking quickly. These QR codes are passed off as a quick link to paying for parking but are actually used for phishing activities.

The goal of the scams is, of course, to steal payment data from victims. This type of scam is also called Winter to emphasize the use of the QR code as a tool to carry out a phishing attack. To counter the spread of this type of scams, which in the future could also arrive in Italy considering the very simple mechanism to carry them out, it is advisable to always carefully check the QR code that is being scanned and, in particular, check the link connected to it. .

The police alarm

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