Piaggio e Autoliv insieme per lo sviluppo di un airbag per moto thumbnail

Piaggio and Autoliv together for the development of a motorcycle airbag

Motorcycle safety is the reason that pushed it the Piaggio Group and Autoliv to join forces to create a new airbag together which will be mounted on the frames of the motorcycles of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer and which will guarantee its users greater protection, making the driving experience even more pleasant and safe

“Autoliv is committed to its Saving More Lives e in offering first-class solutions to save lives in mobility and in society. That is why we are developing products that specifically protect vulnerable road users. The development of these products is an integral part of our sustainability agenda and an important step towards our goal of saving 100,000 lives per year by 2030 ″, said Mikael Bratt, CEO and President of Autoliv.

This airbag, according to what has been leaked, will be mounted on the top of the vehicle’s chassis to activate within milliseconds in the event of an accident.

The Autoliv and Piaggio motorcycle airbag will arrive, but no one knows when

Autoliv has already developed initial concepts with advanced simulation tools and performed large-scale crash tests. Following this agreement, Autoliv will collaborate with the Piaggio Group to further develop the product and evaluate its marketing potential. No predictions of a market launch have been shared by the two companies, but we certainly won’t see these interesting (and useful) airbags any time soon.

Motorcycles and scooters have become the most popular vehicle in the world thanks to their convenience and ease of use, especially when it comes to traveling in large cities. For this, in recent years they have been equipped with various systems oriented to offer maximum safety, such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) or ASR (Electronic Traction Control). While all of these features make scooters and motorcycles safer for motorcyclists, adding an airbag will be another important step in this direction.

However, this initiative is nothing new. Honda, a few years ago, had shown the first airbag system for series motorcycles in the world that absorbs part of the forward momentum of the rider, even if at the moment no model of the Japanese house sees it present among the various safety systems.

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