Cybersecurity and penetration test: the importance of protecting the company from hackers

How does the penetration test work to find weak points in the system? The importance of protecting the company from hackers

We know how important it is especially nowadays to be able to fully rely on technology and its resources to carry out any task. In addition to supporting us in carrying out routine activities and tasks, the digital tools there are more and more indispensable especially in the working context. And since the cyber attacks are on the agenda, it is essential that any company, whether large or small, makes a local mind on the importance of a strategic and preparatory element for its development such as cybersecurity. Without it, the risk of losing data and documents would be very high.

We must not think of cybersecurity solutions as an extra expense compared to those necessary for business management. It is in fact a investment for the future: Managers need to know how heavy the costs of a sensitive data breach or a machine failure can be. It is important to focus on cybersecurity because this can affect the level of competitiveness of the company: the attention dedicated to IT security can in fact make the difference between an activity and that of direct competitors. Of course, since cybersecurity is a very specific sector, it will be necessary to requestintervention of professionals. The latter are able to know exactly who, when and how is having access to the data and the network.

It is important to constantly monitor the movements and changes that occur in the information system in a business context, especially as regards the consultation of confidential information. We must not make the mistake of underestimating cyber attacks and the problem of hackers, both of which are constantly growing and very risky for the business. In addition to monitoring threats, it is also important to know which interventions are most urgent to take to put your work in safety. A few examples? The penetration test, that is a very performing form of control that uses a interno hacker to attack a corporate target lawfully. His job is to go and find as many weaknesses and flaws, in such a way as to carry out ad hoc corrective interventions.

How does the penetration test work to find weak points in the system

There are different areas in which a penetration tester (the internal hacker) can try to overcome and evade the restrictions of the client company. Basically, there are two possible scenarios in which to move. The penetration test can be both internal and external, but what are the differences? In the first case an attack by an eventual is simulated insider, that is, an attacker who tries to act from inside the company. The specific structural and IT context in which it is located will then be analyzed by the penetration tester, in order to try to have access to confidential information or in any case to perform unauthorized acts. In the second case, however, what is simulated is an attack coming from the outside and directed to the heart of the company. At that point, the behavior of a cybercriminal is emulated by the penetration tester attempts to hack into company computers that are exposed on the network (for example web server and database but not only).