Pietro Castellitto contro il #MeToo

Pietro Castellitto against #MeToo

Pietro Castellitto has expressed his opinion against #MeToo stating that the hypocrisy of the movement has ruined the career of actors like Kevin Spacey

To the microphones of the Corriere della Sera, Pietro Castellitto had her say on the feminist movement #MeToo, born following the Harvey Weinstein scandal and aimed at protecting women victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

His opinion is rather controversial, which stated that #MeToo is a “holy” but hypocritical battle, which has ruined the career of many actors in the world of showbiz, including Kevin Spacey, which – we remember – in October 2017 he was accused of harassment by actor Anthony Rapp. To the first charge, many others were subsequently added, including those of eight members of the crew of House of Cards, a series in which Spacey played the president of the United States Frank Underwood.

The interview with Pietro Castellitto

Here are the exact words of the actor:

To be an actor you need to be able to tell lies and play jokes. If you’re no longer joking, your path has been sacrificed to customs and dominant respectability. In the 1920s Al Capone made money managing alcohol and drugs, today you make money perpetuating the good. I think of the millions collected by law firms through the monument to #MeToo hypocrisy, a sacrosanct battle, but if Kevin Spacey puts his hand on my thigh I move it, I don’t ruin his life even asking for money; I see the will to power exploiting this moral crusade to gain weight, I am speaking as a lover of Nietzsche, whom I studied in Philosophy. I also traveled to Germany on his trail, I slept in the museum house where he designed Zarathustra.

The heavy words of Pietro Castellitto caused a sensation on social media, in particular on Twitter, where the story immediately ended among the trends. Page Why is it in trend? reported that the word “Nietzsche”Had entered the trends due to the actor’s statement.

What particularly indignant Twitter users is the fact that Castellitto blamed the victims, saying that it would be enough to say no to their executioners.

And you, what do you think of his controversial statements?

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