Pirelli and Geotab collaborate on the launch of the new Cyber ​​Fleet system

La partnership tra Pirelli e Geotab per il lancio del sistema Cyber Fleet thumbnail

The aim is to help reduce the cost of operating commercial fleets. This is why Pirelli presents the new Cyber ​​Fleet system, which will be available on the Geotab marketplace platform.

Pirelli Cyber ​​Fleet: to improve safety and reduce costs

Reduce running costs related to tires, fuel and emissions. This is the purpose of the partnership between Pirelli and Geotab, a world leader in the IoT sector. The collaboration has an international character, and aims at launching the application Cyber Fleet. The latter will be available on the Geotab Marketplace, guaranteeing the ddistribution both in Europe and USA, Canada and Brazil.

Pirelli Cyber ​​Fleet is a system that aims to optimize fleet management starting with tires. These will in fact be equipped with a internal sensor able to detect pressure and temperature. The collected data is transmitted to the App, simplifying the daily vehicle inspection process. Therefore, not only greater savings, but also an efficient way to guarantee safety and monitor the status of vehicles.

“Pirelli CYBER Fleet technology makes it possible to integrate tires within a connectivity-based service platform, in an extremely simple way to adopt” he said. Daniel Gainza, Chief Operations Officer- Tyre as a Service di Pirelli, adding that “Through the partnership with Geotab, Pirelli is proud to be among the best solutions for fleets to optimize their consumption and reduce emissions”.

“The addition of Pirelli CYBER Fleet to the Geotab Marketplace will allow fleets to access a safety solution specifically designed to monitor the condition of their tires and, consequently, the longevity of their vehicles,” he said. Stefano Peduzzi, Vice President, Technology Solutions and Operations Europe, Geotab. “Geotab is proud to provide our customers with access to the best tire pressure monitoring tools that can help reduce the need for unexpected tire maintenance and in turn help improve driver safety and increase the ‘overall efficiency of the fleet ”.