Pixel Lens review by Kura: goodbye blue light!

Pixel Lens by Kura blue light glasses are the best you can find for sale and in this review we explain the reasons

Have you heard of the famous blue light and some glasses that can limit the discomfort, but you don’t know exactly how they work? Don’t worry, today we are going to talk to you about Pixel Lens by Kura, a pair of specific glasses to be used in front of the PC, but also during the use of smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. glasses recommended for those who spend a large number of hours in front of the PC and various digital devices. This is because the light of the displays creates a considerable effort to the sight that increases with the number of hours that you pass in front of them. In reality, blue light also causes damage to the ocular retina and for this reason the glasses subject of this review come into play.

Pixel Lens review by Kura: goodbye blue light!

What is blue light and what are the damages?

First let’s try to quickly answer the question: what is blue light? It’s about a electromagnetic radiation forming part of the visible spectrum that falls between 380 and 500 nm, but already becomes harmful around 390 e i 455 nm. With the introduction of LED technology, the problem of blue light has increased because it is present in a greater quantity than in past technologies. In fact, not only LEDs and monitors produce blue light, but also energy saving bulbs and xenon bulbs.

Pixel Lens review by Kura: goodbye blue light!

Blue light has negative effects on our eyesight and our health in general. In the short term, therefore after 6-8 hours, 91% of people suffer from:

  • Redness and sore eyes: for a long time backlit screens are fixed
  • Dry eyes: due to the lower frequency of blinking and the consequent less tearing and lubrication of the transparent tissue located in the front of the eye
  • Asthenopia: visual fatigue from excessive exposure to blue light and the strain of reading very small print
  • Insomnia: Blue Light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, considerably reducing the quantity and quality of sleep
  • Headache: for excessive eyestrain

In long termon the other hand, blue light can cause a reduction in the density of the macular pigment and represents one of the main risk factors for the onset of maculopathy.

Modern displays feature a technology simply referred to as “reading mode” O “night mode”Which greatly reduces blue light exposure, but it is more of a software modification that makes the screen more yellow that does not completely cancel out the presence of blue light. An ideal solution, therefore, is given precisely by Kura’s Pixel Lens because, thanks to its lenses equipped with polarized filter and photochromic technology, they protect both from blue light and from UV rays. In particular, as regards the former, they manage to block up to 41% of the harmful blue light emitted from any source and for this reason they are also recommended for those who have had cataract surgery, for the second instead the protection is 99,9%.

Design and functionality | Pixel Lens Review by Kura

The sales packaging of these glasses is really pretty. It has a comfortable solid and sturdy case inside which, in addition to the glasses, we find a cloth to clean the lenses and a travel cloth bag. The glasses (we have chosen a red and black color) are made in polycarbonate, while the rods are in metal. They are very light when wearing, but holding them in your hand you can feel all their excellent construction and very high quality of materials. The rods, unfortunately, they are not very elastic and therefore they could be uncomfortable for those with a bit bigger head, but overall they look good on any face (they are unisex) and are really comfortable even for long sessions of use.

Pixel Lens review by Kura: goodbye blue light!

As for functionality, we can say that after testing them for several weeks, they do the job for which they were produced very well. Right from the start we found a high reduction in eye redness as well as burning. No visual fogging and headaches and a marked improvement in mental clarity even after long work sessions. If used before falling asleep while using the smartphone, we also noticed a speeding up of the falling asleep phase and also of the quality of sleep.

Pixel Lens review by Kura: goodbye blue light!

In addition to the blue light, however, these Pixel Lenses feature a refractive index of 1.59 and through the introduction of particular mineral salts and metal oxide, they reduce unnecessary light reflections which would be detrimental to the sharpness of the images. For this reason they are also equipped with anti-flicker monitors and treatments anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-glare and anti-glare. The lenses are neutral and have no gradation (graduated lenses with the same technology can still be inserted) and therefore do not change the color of the monitors and for this reason they are also suitable for graphic designers or for those who have to check colors via screens.

Best for fighting blue light

Overall, Kura’s Pixel Lens they are really gorgeous and the model we have chosen is also elegant, resistant and robust. There are many types for every need and taste (as well as pockets, since the price is variable), but if the build quality is like that of the model used in the test phase, we can only recommend the purchase. In terms of functionality, it does very well what it was created for and what it is sold for. THE improvements are evident and somewhat visible even to the eyes of a non-expert. The selling price of our model is attested around 45 euros and, in our opinion, it is a more than fair cost.

Perfection for fighting blue light!

Points in favor

  • Excellent build quality
  • Simple but rich sales packaging
  • Gorgeous lenses that do more than they promise
  • Competitive selling price