PlatinumGames: Atsushi Inaba is the new CEO

A more Viewtiful development than ever for PlatinumGames: the volcanic mind of the former Clover Studio, Atsushi Inaba, is the new top of the team

Greetings to all the culture players who have grasped the implications of the promotion of Atsushi Inaba CEO of PlatinumGames. The studio was already born of its own as a spiritual successor to Capcom’s former Clover Studio, but now 2022 opens with a nice change of air for the development team. Kenichi Sato has resigned, also relinquishing the office of president, last month (year?), after six years of management. The volcanic Inaba (Viewtiful Joe) was, until now, “only” the vice president. For the time being, Sato’s role will be that of a consultant.

“Just go for it”: Atsushi Inaba officially takes over the reins of PlatinumGames

The management of PlatinumGames at the hands of Atsushi Inaba (below left) will see the latter administering several projects. Babylon’s Fall is coming in March, and the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3 is scheduled for this year. About the games in the construction site of Hideki Kamiya (right), there are also to consider Project G.G. and the title born as April Fool, Sun Crest. Beyond this, however, the talented development team also announced big plans for the future, starting with the opening of a new wing in early 2020 with the intent of entering the young (and relatively controversial) securities market. live service.

PlatinumGames: Atsushi Inaba is the new CEO

The development team is also interested inexpand beyond the action game genre. One of the studio’s projects isn’t even tied to a video game itself, being a new game engine. Finally, the aforementioned Project GG will represent PlatinumGames’ next step towards autonomous publication. We will see what awaits these great developers in their future: for the moment, we can only wish them our most sincere “Just go for it!”

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