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PlayStation 5: September PS5 firmware update

A PS5 firmware update tries to balance the rise: here’s what awaits PlayStation 5 users in September

It has been available for a few hours a free update for the PS5 firmwareto open the month of September on the right foot for the entire catchment area of PlayStation 5. Of course, the various buts of the case are not lacking, although the same goes for the good things to say. Let’s start with the juiciest novelty: theoutput video. After so much wandering, Sony has confirmed that yes, the 4K it has finally gotten bigger than ever. The output in 1440p is here to stay, even if the cobalt titan wanted to clarify that it concerns our UltraHD screens and not the VR headsets.

The PS5 update renews the firmware in more ways: the PlayStation 5 news of September

Moving on, PlayStation 5 is opening up new accessibility options with the latest firmware update. We allude to voice commands for theapp YouTube, with which we can order the untraceable sample console to search for a specific text string on the Google video platform. Footnote here too, though: the only regions concernedat the moment, are the English-speaking ones. Time to time, though: we are confident enough to be able to wait without grumbling.

However, it is also updated l’app dedicated to the videogame world Sony for smart devices. First of all, the remote game session can be started directly from the app without going through the dedicated streaming software. Beyond this videogame-bureaucratic turning point, the screen sharing request among friends is now also available through the app, and no longer just from the console. The official blog team concluded this post by thanking the fans for their feedback and ideas. Certainly the community needed it, after the “painful” choice to increase the price of PS5.

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