PlayStation: Days of Play return next week

Sony has announced the return of the Days of Play initiative, which will allow all PlayStation users to get exclusive themes and avatars

After the success of past editions, the initiative is back in this 2021 as well Days of Play, event promoted by Sony that will allow all players PlayStation to get exclusive avatars and themes, simply by playing. In order to participate it will be necessary to register through the dedicated page, so as to contribute to the achievement, worldwide, of the various objectives required. Everything will begin from next week, therefore, if you want to join, we advise you to hurry.

PlayStation prepares for the return of Days of Play

Once players have signed up for the Days of Play, every PlayStation game which will be used for at least an hour, trophies obtained included, will be used to achieve the objectives set by Sony. The initiative, once each milestone has been reached, will allow all participants to unlock new dynamic themes and PS4 avatars: if all the steps are completed successfully, the total loot will amount to 17 avatars and 3 new dynamic themes.

Everything will be divided into three different rounds, with the start set for next week.

PlayStation: Days of Play return next week

These are the various steps, with relative start dates and necessary objectives:

  • Stage 1: May 18th, 9:00 pm – May 24th, 08:59 am
    Goal: 2.4 million games, 7.2 million trophies. Rewards: 1 avatar, 1 theme
    Bonus Objective: 3 million games, 8.8 million trophies. Rewards: 3 avatars
  • Stage 2: May 25th, 9:00 pm – May 31st, 08:59 am
    Goal: 2.9 million games, 8.5 million trophies. Rewards: 5 avatars
    Bonus Objective: 3.6 million games, 10.4 million trophies: Rewards: 3 avatars
  • Stage 3: June 1st, 9:00 pm – June 7th, 08:59 am
    Goal: 3 million games, 9 million trophies. Rewards: 1 avatar, 1 theme
    Bonus Goal: 3.7 million games, 11 million trophies. Rewards: 3 avatars

If all requests are met, the participating players will get a further dynamic theme. All progress will not be cumulative, and will be reset every week. In addition to this initiative, Sony also announced a round of discounts (as happened last year), which will be included in the PlayStation Store, in add to a weekend multiplayer gratuito.

Will you participate in the initiative? Let us know in the comments, here on, and maybe while waiting for the sales, why not also take a look at the discounts on Instant Gaming?

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