PlayStation: New mobile controller license registered

Sony recently appears to have registered a license for a new PlayStation controller to play on mobile devices

Sony has already moved towards the mobile market for some time now for its PlayStation brand: for example, let’s think about the possibility, for some years now, of associating the controller DualShock PS4 and Android phones, or to the smartphones produced by the company. In fact, the Xperia models, which allow you to connect the two devices directly, also allow you to immediately play numerous titles including PS4, through console remote play. Now, the license that the company seems to have patented could lead to a further step forward, with the debut of a dedicated video game controller for portability.

Looking towards the mobile market with the PlayStation controller

More than a month ago SIE hired Nicola Sebastiani, a more than relevant figure for the role he had in the past within Apple, in the mobile gaming section of the company called Apple Arcade. In addition, even the CEO of PlayStation himself, Jim Ryan, has repeatedly stated his intention to introduce the PS exclusives in further categories of the videogame market, including mobile and PC.

PlayStation: New mobile controller license registered

In the past few hours, Sony has filed a patent for what appears to be a PlayStation controller, designed for mobile devices. It is a tool divided into two handles similar to those of the characteristic DualShock 4, placed on the sides of what will be the screen of the phone or mobile device in question. In a diffused image we can see the aforementioned controller, even if it is not visible what is described by the license as a “part that can be tilted by the user, and which detects the direction and quantity with which it is tilted “.

We recall that Sony continues to advance the expansion of PlayStation on other platforms, and its intentions are demonstrated not only by means of the increasingly widespread streaming of games with PS Now, but also with the recent structuring of a real division dedicated to the PC gaming. This was done by replacing what was initially “PlayStation Mobile”, and which referred not so much to smartphones, but to the much mistreated and now forgotten PSVITA.

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