PlayStation Now: Sony withdraws the prepaid in view of Spartacus?

PlayStation Now: Sony ritira le prepagate in vista di Spartacus? thumbnail

According to what emerged from a report by VentureBeat, Sony reportedly notified UK and Canadian principals to stop distributing pre-paid subscriptions to the PlayStation Now in specialized stores and many have already thought about the Spartacus project. In the past few hours, confirmation has arrived from the Japanese technology giant, which explained the reason behind this choice.

PlayStation Now: Sony prepara Spartacus?

As you may have already guessed, many have traced the withdrawal of prepaid subscriptions from stores to an imminent announcement of news regarding the project Spartacus, or the new version of the PlayStation Network that should arrive in 2022, at least according to rumors. This new offering is expected to merge the Now and Plus offerings, creating an ecosystem similar to that of Microsoft’s Game Pass.

Sony, for its part, has not denied or confirmed these rumors, but has rather limited itself to briefly explaining the motivation behind the removal of prepaid cards from stores: “globally we are focusing on PlayStation Store Gift Cards that allow you to obtain credit that can also be used to subscribe or renew your PlayStation Now subscription “.

In short, it would therefore seem that the strategy of Sony is simply to bet everything on Gift Cards, in order to guarantee more flexibility to users as regards their PSN credit. However, this justification appears rather side, especially if we consider the lack of communication regarding the PlayStation Plus cards, which are still regularly marketed in all countries.

Although therefore the Japanese giant has denied the rumor, it seems evident that something is actually boiling in the pot and an official announcement of the Spartacus project could be evident, perhaps at the next State of Play.

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