PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium: here are the games for December 2022!

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In the past few hours, Sony has confirmed the games that will be added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog before the end of December: let’s find out together

The PlayStation Plus revamp has tried to bring more competition to Microsoft’s Game Pass in the field of subscriptions, the results of which will be revealed to us over time. Obviously, we gamers enjoy this competition that we find ourselves, at the cost of rather affordable subscriptions (especially the annual ones), several catalogs of more or less valid titles that we can download and experience, just a click away. In the past few hours, Sony has unveiled the list of games that will be added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium services, completing the titles unveiled at the beginning of the month for the Essential.

The list is quite long, and we report it in the next paragraph in its entirety. Among the most important we can certainly mention WWE 2K22, several installments in the Far Cry and Yakuza series, as well as Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. In addition, the Premium service, which offers a selection of classic titles for Sony’s older generation consoles (PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3) adds Ridge Racer 2 (PSP), Heavenly Sword (PS3) and many others. Let’s see them together in full.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium: lots of news in this cold December!

Below is the list of games added with the PlayStation Plus Extra:

  • WWE 2K22 (PS4)
  • Far Cry 5 (PS4)
  • Far Cry New Dawn (PS4)
  • Far Cry Primal (PS4)
  • Mortal Shell (PS4, PS5)
  • Judgment (PS4, PS5)
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS4, PS5)
  • Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4)
  • The Pedestrian (PS4, PS5)
  • Evil Genius 2 (PS4, PS5)
  • Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion (PS4)
  • Ben 10: Power Trip (PS4, PS5)
  • Gigantosaurus The Game (PS4)
  • Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Ultimate Edition (PS4)
  • Worms W.M.D (PS4)
  • The Escapists 2 (PS4)

Below, however, the additions to the PlayStation Plus Premiumin the Classics category we find:

  • Ridge Racer 2 (PSP)
  • Heavenly Sword (PS3)
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus (PS1)
  • Pinball Heroes (PSP)

And these were all the games added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium for the month of December 2022. Let us know what you think of the offer below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews a gaming and tech theme! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!

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