PlayStation Showcase: Grand Theft Auto 5 si mostra su PS5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is shown in action on PS5 at the PlayStation Showcase and also receives a new official launch window

Among the protagonists of the expected PlayStation Showcase which was held yesterday evening, we also find the famous Grand Theft Auto 5, which was added to all the titles shown during the event. The occasion was useful to see the Rockstar play in action on PS5, and the dedicated trailer was also accompanied by some information about the umpteenth iteration of the best seller of the series.

PlayStation Showcase – Trailer and details for the current gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5

Among the elements that it was legitimate to expect from PS5 version (and of course also Xbox Series X/S) of the title, we naturally find a improved graphic sector, although not able to mark such a clear break with what is seen on the old consoles. The news, however, will not be limited only to a renewed visual appearance, but thanks to the speed of the console SSDs it will be possible instantly switch between characters. Some confirmed too gameplay adjustments, so as to make it even more dynamic, but also other innovations.

Not all news related to the game, however, was positive, given that the PlayStation Showcase it also served to confirm the postponement of the game, which will no longer be released on November 11th. The new launch window is currently set at a generic March 2022, but we are confident that in the coming weeks Rockstar o Take-Two they will be able to provide new updates on this.

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