Will Fortnite return to the Korean App Store?

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Still new in the dispute between Epic Games ed Apple. These days, in fact, the US video game developer is trying to take advantage of a new law passed in South Korea that will force Apple to open its App Store to external payment systems. The goal of the Cupertino company is to bring Fortnite back to the App Store Korean, including both Apple’s and Epic Games’ payment systems. This was the request of the US company.

Fortnite in the Korean App Store: the request from Epic Games

For those who don’t remember, Fornite was removed from the App Store and Google’s Android Play Store over a year ago. On that occasion, the development company clashed severely with the two platforms over payment management. And, in particular, of the 30% commission charged by the tech giants. Since that time, it has seemed nearly impossible to get Epic Games’ multiplayer game back to iOS. But now something seems to have changed. In fact, South Korea recently approved the “Telecommunications Business Act“, A law that will force Apple and other tech giants to allow developers to use their payment systems.

No wonder, then, that immediately after the bill was approved, the Fortnite Twitter account published an announcement about it. “Epic intends to re-launch Fortnite on iOS in Korea by offering both Epic payment and Apple payment, in accordance with the new Korean law.” In response, however, Apple seems to have proved not exactly happy with the idea of ​​welcoming the multiplayer title back. Unless certain conditions are met: “As we’ve always said, we would be delighted to have Epic return to the App Store if they agreed to play by the same rules as everyone else. Epic has admitted that they have breached the contract and, at the moment, there is no legitimate basis for restoring their developer account “.

On the return of Fortnite to the App Store, therefore, the Cupertino company seems to have clear ideas. Epic will have to agree to abide by the “App Store Review Guidelines,” but so far the company appears not to have complied with Apple’s rules at all. Or at least that’s what the Cupertino company believes. Incidentally, the new Korean law would not require Apple to approve any application for a developer program account. This means that, once again, the decision rests with Apple itself.

Telecommunications Business Act: what the Korean law says

At the end of last month, the National Assembly of South Korea passed a bill that will ban application store operators from forcing developers to use a single payment system, expecting to give users more choice. Nicknamed the “anti-Google law“, It applies equally to iOS and Android systems, thus putting Google and Apple in an even more uncomfortable position than they are already in. On the other hand, the two technological giants have suffered a lot of criticism due to the choice to manage payments in full within the stores.

In any case, it must be considered that the proposed law still has to be signed by President Moon Jae. In the meantime, we also await the decision of United States District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who will rule on the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. And at this point we ask ourselves: will Fortnite ever return to the App Store?

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