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PlayStation Showcase: new date scheduled for March?

The projects in progress under the watchful eye of Sony are different: between first party titles and temporary exclusive games, it is difficult, so on the spot, to keep track of everything. In fact, according to a recent rumor, it is speculated that the next PlayStation Showcase could take place in March. Details below

With the recent launch of Horizon Forbidden West, Sony kicked off the 2022 with the turbo. With all the other projects awaiting an official release (taking the announcements made in previous Showcases, we have the likes of Gran Turismo 7, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Forspoken), we can say right now that there is a lot of meat on the fire. For those who are wondering if we will ever have new information on these future releases, perhaps we will not have to wait that long: according to a recent rumor, in fact, the next PlayStation Showcase it would be scheduled for March.

PlayStation Showcase: Ready to Show All Games in March?

The news comes from Twitter, to be precise from the co-founder of XboxEra Nick Bakerwhich stated that a PlayStation Showcase is currently being scheduled for March. While there hasn’t been any official news confirming this rumor, it would make sense for Sony to continue advertise further their own projects, especially for those whose release is scheduled for 2022. As regards some specific titles, we remind you that we have no news on God of War Ragnarok e su Final Fantasy XVI for quite a while now, while in the meantime there have been updates on the remake di The Last of Us and on a multiplayer title from the same series.

We remember, as every time, that what we have said so far must be taken for what it is, that is a rumor. As mentioned before, there have been no official announcements yet, and nothing prevents anyone from coming. Only time will confirm or deny these speculations, and therefore the only thing left for us to do is wait and see what Sony will announce in the coming times.

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