PlayStation Showcase: Project EVE presented with a trailer

During the PlayStation Showcase that is airing in these moments, Project Eve is also back, already presented some time ago as an exclusive PS5, with a new interesting trailer

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase for this hot September 9th is airing right now, and we’re following it live for you to bring you all possible live content. After the announcement of Knights of the Old Republic Remake, the return of Forspoken and the Alan Wake Remastered, a new IP from a Korean studio, SHIFT UP, is also back. which appears to have become PS5 exclusive (since it was announced on PS4, Xbox One and PC): we’re talking about Project EVE. A change of course that was felt already last January, when the game had returned to present itself with a redesign of the protagonist (practically recreated from scratch) and other changes to the original idea.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth conquered by the so-called NA-tives, colossal and terrifying entities that have destroyed any kind of human society and have taken control of it. Seventy years after the disaster, EVE returns to planet earth together with other survivors to try to heal the situation … with a blow. We leave you the trailer presented at the PlayStation Showcase right below.

Project EVE returns to show itself on the stage of the PlayStation Showcase

Project EVE gameplay harks back to the pillars of the action-rpg genre, such as God of War or Nier Automata. What transpires from this new trailer coming from the PlayStation Showcase is also a marked reference to Bayonetta’s sinuosity and agility (completely disappeared from the radar …), complete with horrible and terrifying creatures to be quartered in riots of blood and guts. We like it!

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