PlayStation: some users report the merger of PS Plus and PS Now, reveal of Spartacus at the gates?

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The PlayStation Spartacus project could soon become a reality and a reveal would be imminent according to the testimonies of some users

The new titles arriving on PS Now of March, but apparently the rumors that they want this service merged together with the already known PS Plus they become more and more insistent. The Spartacus revealthe name by which the merger of the two PlayStation online services is indicated, is now imminent, and some users have also begun to notice changes in their subscriptions, with messages indicating the merger of the two services, although there is still nothing of officer.

PlayStation: The Spartacus reveal is coming

For months now there have been rumors about the Spartacus project by PlayStation, and recently there is talk of a State of Play coming in March which should give space to the reveal of the project. Meanwhile some users on NeoGAF reported receiving messages indicating their PS Plus and PS Now accounts were merging during the renewal. In fact, some users subscribed to both services have noticed that now both are under the heading of PS Plus and no longer divided. Also some users who have renewed their PlayStation Plus account received a PS Now subscription as a gift for the same length of time.

PlayStation: some users report the merger of PS Plus and PS Now, reveal of Spartacus at the gates?

It could always be some bugs, but given the recent rumors about Spartacus it seems more likely that Sony is ready to reveal its new service, which could arrive during the rumored State of Play in March. Spartacus, again according to rumors, should be a service with different levels of content depending on the subscription signed by users. Some of these levels will include a large library of PS4 titles and even a library full of PS1, PS2, PS3 and even PSP titles. We just have to wait to see if all this is confirmed.

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