Sony: Gran Turismo 7 is not available in Russia, thumbnail sales blocked

Sony: Gran Turismo 7 is not available in Russia, sales blocked

Sony: Gran Turismo 7 is not available in Russia, thumbnail sales blocked

Sony withdrew from sales in Russia Grand Touring 7. GT7 was indeed launched worldwide today, but is currently not available for purchase through the PlayStation Store Russian, a decision that apparently was taken in the evening by the Japanese gaming giant. Despite the unavailability of the game and the clear decision to remove it from the Russian markets, Sony has not published any communication on the matter.

Sony: Gran Turismo 7 is not available in Russia

According to what we read on the Gran Turismo 7 page on the PlayStation Store russo, the release date of the game would still be awaiting confirmation from Sony. A confirmation that may never come, as the removal of the game comes after Ukraine has appealed to PlayStation e Xbox to stop doing business in Russian or pro-Russian territories.

It was no coincidence that Sony’s theatrical distribution arm had previously announced that it would suspend releases of films in Russia, including the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off. Morbius, scheduled for March 24. The decision to suspend sales of Gran Turismo 7 must therefore be part of this pseudo-sabotage logic, and Russian users are unlikely to see the game anytime soon.

Yesterday, too CD Projekt Red, developer of Cyberpunk and The Witcher, said it would block all purchases made from Russia and Belarus via its PC game store GOG, making it the first owner of an online gaming store to implement this policy. We will therefore see how the situation will evolve from now on.

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