PlayStation: Sony hires the boss of Apple Arcade to enter the mobile market

A major Apple Arcade figure joins Sony PlayStation to expand into the mobile market. Let’s find out all the details in this news

It looks like Sony is planning to get serious about the mobile market. The same Japanese company has never made a secret of wanting to invest a lot on these platforms, and in recent months the same Jim Ryan (president of the company) had let himself go to some statements about the arrival of some popular IP first party on mobile . As a demonstration of the above, a new important assumption has recently been confirmed with regard to the idea of ​​Sony PlayStation to definitively enter the mobile market.

New recruitment for Sony PlayStation, What’s new for the mobile market?

The hiring of Nicola Sebastiani as head of content for the PlayStation service aimed at the mobile market testifies to how great Sony’s ambitions are for this market. In fact Sebastiani boasts in his curriculum many years of experience in this role for Apple Arcade, the mobile gaming service of the Cupertino house, which has seen its popularity grow rapidly since its inception.

PlayStation: Sony hires the boss of Apple Arcade to enter the mobile market

Sebastiani’s experience in this area could in fact be decisive in the success of Sony’s service. Also in the face of what has been said in recent months by the Japanese giant, we could consider this event as one of the first steps aimed at laying the foundations of the great projects that the company is apparently determined to carry out. However, we still know little about these projects, and although the conditions for a rosy future are beginning to materialize, we will wait to find out more from future announcements about them.

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