Mobile proxy, what it is and what its functions are

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A proxy server is a server capable of intervening in the communication flow between clients and website services

Today we talk about technology and in particular we enter the world of mobile proxy to understand not only what they are about but also what their functions are and in which fields they are useful; there is to help us Airproxy who wants to reveal the functions of mobile proxies and all the curiosities about this service offered.

Mobile Proxy: what is it?

To understand what it is, let’s start by trying to understand what is a proxy. A proxy server is a server capable of intervening in the communication flow between clients and website services. Its main purpose is to guarantee anonymity by acting as an intermediary between the customer and the website he intends to visit. Mostly known with the primary function of hide your IP address it actually has numerous extra features as much as it comes commonly used for many different services. Most mobile proxies work with protocolli HTTPS, http e SOCKSthis implies that if you use other types of service it may not guarantee the same functions.

How to set up a proxy server on your smartphone

How do you install a proxy server on your smartphone? This is a rather simple wizard. If you have one smartphone Android you have to click the settings button, access the network and internet functions and then select the wi-fi network. Press and hold the name of your connection in use, a popup will open and you can choose the “change network” item. Then selecting advanced options and therefore proxy, just enter the IP address of your proxy host to resume browsing in total safety and with the functions you are looking for.

If you have an iPhone or an iOS device do not think that the situation will be very difficult, but keep in mind that iOS only allows you to “proxify” Safari traffic. Click on settings follow the path for Wi-Fi and then tap the “i” in the icon on the side of the connection you are using. Then click HTTP Proxy and continue with manual by filling in the required Server and Port fields.

Mobile Proxy sui social

And mobile proxy can help agencies or social media managers who deal with the management of their customers’ social accounts also thanks to the use of Bots or other automation applications. For example, if you manage dozens of customer accounts, a proxy can help you. In fact, you can perform actions such as follow, like, comments at the same time, all connected through your proxy IP. Instagram, but also other social networks, are waging war on those who automate actions and therefore making your customers’ accounts appear distinct from each other helps you to avoid bans, both temporary and definitive.

Mobile Proxy Airproxy: why choose them

Comparing the mobile proxy di Airproxy there are important differences with traditional datacenters. For example data center proxies are easily detectable since real users do not connect from this type of IP and they do lower the trust account scores. With a 4G proxy, on the other hand, you can have IPs from operators such as Vodafone, Tim and WindTre, definitely more truthful. They are also not detectable and increase account trust, even changing IPs on request in seconds when needed.

What are the characteristics

Between main features we find unlimited use of data, automatic IP changethe presence of clean IPs that are not detected as authentic and a Dedicated SIM. Everything happens automatically after payment; the reviews from customers are more than positive and the prices are also really interesting. Are you intrigued? There is also one trial promo for 72 hours lets you test the service at a price of 9.90 euros, a service that can be extended for another 30 days if you are satisfied.