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Polestar 4: the electric SUV coupé debuts in Italy

Polestar 4the high-performance electric SUV coupe, has made its mark official debut in Italy at the Space in Milan. After the launch in China in 2023, the car finally arrives on the Italian market, with the first deliveries scheduled for August 2024.
The price? Off we go and 69.900 €.

An innovative design experience and attention to sustainability

The car redefines the aerodynamics of a coupé and the comfort of an SUVcreating a new vehicle category and positioning itself between Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 in size and price.

The elimination of the rear window is the main feature in terms of design and enables a new type of immersive experience for rear passengers. The rear-view mirror, however, has been replaced by a high-definition screen which shows a real-time feed from the rear camera, which is mounted on the roof and offers a much wider field of view than the competition.

polestar 4 designpolestar 4 design

Curious to see her live? You can do it at Polestar Space in Milan and, from the second half of May, at that of Rome; you can also receive personalized advice with a dedicated expert.

Great attention to performance, with a maximum power of 400 kW (544 HP) and agile driving dynamics, without losing sight of safety and sustainability. In fact, Polestar 4 is based on the premium Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform and uses recycled and sustainable materials for the interiors.

To find out more, please visit the official website.

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