Polti takes part in Issa Pulire, the Veronese cleanliness fair

Polti partecipa a Issa Pulire, la fiera veronese del pulito thumbnail

Polti will bring its best products to the fair Now Clean, the event dedicated to the world of cleaning and hygiene to be held in Verona from 7 to 9 November. With its great experience in professional cleaning and disinfection, the Italian company will show its VAT: Steam Disinfection Devices. Recognized for the bactericidal and virucidal effect, Polti Sani System, Vaporetto e Cimex Eradictor they are ready to amaze in the Verona area.

Polti participates in Issa Pulire with its leading products

From the Polti Sani System line, there are three models that participate in the fair. I am Sani System Check, which uses an electronic management and control system for functions. Then Polti Sani System Pro, patented to frequently disinfect large rooms and version Express, perfect for small and medium-sized areas.

The vaporetto line, on the other hand, does exist MV 60.20, excellent for cleaning and disinfecting large surfaces, kitchens and hospitals, capable of sucking up solids and liquids. Then Polti Vaporetto MV 40.20, with integrated vacuum cleaner with water filter for hotel rooms. Also there are Polti Vaporetto MV 20.20 e MV 10.20, multifunction steam disinfection devices with compact dimensions and particularly easy to handle.

Also there will be Cimex Eradicator, perfect for eliminating bed bugs and for disinfecting against bacteria, viruses and germs.

All Polti products are made in Italy respecting the best quality standards. The company boasts 200 patents and recently has the qualification of VAT in France and the scientific validation of SMOOTH, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine. Since 1978 the company has been focusing on hygiene and steam cleaning, something that has rightly come to the center of attention in the last year and a half. Today we are all aware of the attention that cleanliness and hygiene deserve. And at the Issa Pulire fair in Verona, Polti will prove it once again. Find more information on the official website.

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