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Power stations: what they are and where they are used

We understand what power stations are and why they are important to be applied to our electronic devices in homes, offices and shops

What should never be missing in everyone’s tech arsenal is the power station. It is a battery-powered generator that has the aim of always keeping your equipment charged when you are away from home. The power station, however, it’s more than just a portable chargeris a real safe harbor to dock even in emergencies.

Power stations: what they are and where they are used

Power station: the characteristics

We have already anticipated the precise definition of a power station, that is a battery powered generator that has the function of supplying energy to any device present in your equipment, from laptops to smartphones passing through cameras and all those electronic devices that you own. Not only that, it is also extremely useful in emergencies; in fact, if due to bad weather or any other reason the power fails in the house, the power station can be used as a power supply while waiting for the technician to repair the short circuit.

Now let’s move on to its characteristics. The power station is a portable generator. So, we have a product devoted to practicality. It has been conceived and built with a design that also aims at ease of use thanks to a handle on the top of the power station that makes transport easy, fast and safe.

If we are camping with our family, we can rest assured that we will never run out of energy. Even more than one device can be recharged at the same time. In addition, one can also breathe a sigh of relief regarding any complications; in fact, if traditional fuel-powered generators could overload thus causing fumes or some difficulties, with the power station all this will not happen because it was built precisely to avoid situations of this type and, above all, when it is in operation, there won’t be those annoying noises that they feel with traditional generators. The power station, therefore, was made with attention and care also with regard to the safety aspect and to respect all comforts such as soundproofing.

There are different models of power stations to ensure everyone can meet their needs. They differ from each other for the inputs on the device, the charging time which will depend on the model selected, the number of devices that can be recharged at the same time, etc. However, like any generator, before recharging it must recharge. The point in favor of these power stations is that they have been built considering the Planet as well. Among the recharging possibilities there is that from renewable sources which therefore gives an additional advantage and quality: eco-sustainability.

Power stations: what they are and where they are used

An example to follow: the DELTA Pro line

For example, among the models on the market, we present you the DELTA Pro series, a combination of efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s see the features together. As already mentioned, the power stations can be used outdoors, so they are excellent companions for outdoor adventures. But they are also extremely useful indoors, therefore in the home. The DELTA Pro models are positioned at the top as the best ally in the home.

Thanks to 3.6 kWh capacity expandable up to 25 kWh it is the best solution for domestic circuits; in fact, it can be integrated directly with the latter via a Smart Home panel and, in this way, it will be ideal for supplying backup energy to the home network.

It does not end here; in fact, it can also be used as a support for any device. DELTA Pro is the industry leader when it comes to AC output. It should be noted that when we talk about any device, we mean everyone, without exception, thanks to power of 3600 W which is able to power both small and, above all, large household appliances which are therefore more energy-consuming, such as, for example, dryers. However, since each person has their own needs, should more power be needed, don’t worry: the DELTA Pro series can also be combined with another unit to get more power; you can reach a wattage of 7200.

Power stations: what they are and where they are used

To premise that the DELTA Pro works with other devices made in the same production house as the model in question, it is good to know that it is a truly versatile series. It will be able to pair with various batteries, Smart Generator devices and the Smart Home panel (already mentioned above), to make this model much more than just a portable power station.

Also, after purchasing the DELTA Pro power station you will have the option of recharge it through six different methods. It is the first on the market that can recharge the battery to 100% via an electric vehicle station; not only that, you will also have the possibility to perform multiple recharges through the combination of fast charging methods up to 6500 W. In fact, it is positioned as a reference leader in the sector also for the peculiarity of the fastest charging in the world.

With a simple object you will have the security of having power for any situation, whether it is having to power outdoor events or whether it is more tragic situations such as extreme power outages that last for days. Having a power station of this type in your home is synonymous with efficiency and tranquility, you will no longer have to fear anything. At home, outdoors or at work, your devices, especially large ones, will always be powered.

Power stations: what they are and where they are used

Where it can be used: let’s recap

The power station, as already anticipated, can be the best ally is to be used outdoors, for example on a campsite or by the sea or in the mountains, in short, everywhere; both inside. In your own home you make it saving as emergency support and it is good to know that it can also be used to power large devices that require a lot of energy such as refrigerators, dryers, etc.

Practicality, convenience, use in multiple areas and much more with just one generator. The power station it is designed for all those who have no intention of being left with a device turned off. Many models and many features, you have to evaluate them according to your needs and then you can easily leave for a fantastic trip or stay at home and always enjoy your charged devices. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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