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Work now: what are the most requested professional profiles in 2022

The IT sector is certainly the area in which to specialize if you want to work immediately and with excellent results: the research tells us

We often hear about the so-called “jobs of the future” in reference to the professions that will be most in demand in the coming years: analyzing the data collected in the last year by the statistical institutes it is clear that we can talk about “Works of the present”About the occupations that have jumped to the top of the job vacancy rankings.

It is him who takes stock of the situation studio Tech Cities 2022 promoted by Experis of ManpowerGroup: according to this report, the most sought after and best paid figures are those who meet the new needs of the market, an increasingly tech and digital market. Here are the most requested jobs of recent years!

ICT jobs: from Big Data Specialist to Java Developer

One of the most requested profiles is that of Cloud developer: it is a professional who designs and builds the cloud architecture according to the needs that the structure will have to meet. Remaining in the tech field, let’s move on to discover the role of full stack developeran all-round programming expert, able to independently manage a project, from start to finish, managing clients, servers and databases.

The IT sector is certainly the area in which to specialize if you want to work immediately and with excellent results: the researches of data scientist, data architect, big data specialistthat is, of figures who deal with analyzing and organizing large amounts of data, organizing them in such a way that they can be read and understood by everyone.

More and more often, then, we hear about cyber security, that branch of the IT sector that takes care of the security of data shared within corporate networks and on the internet from any cyber attack: the emerging profiles from this point of view are those of the cyber security consultant, penetration tester, ethical hacker.

Continuing to sift through the results of the study conducted on the “most requested jobs of the moment” we find the devops engineer: this role is assigned to a coordinator who connects different departments ensuring synergy in order to achieve common objectives.

One of the professional figures that continues to be in great demand is that of Java Developer, the developer specializing in the Java language, one of the most popular in the world. To work as a Java developer it is necessary to acquire specific skills through online training courses aimed at immediate insertion such as the one proposed by bitCamp, born from the solid experience in ICT consultancy of Matrix Consulting Group.

The bitCamp system has put together the necessary skills to be able to work immediately as a Java Developer and the identikit of the developer required by the main companies in the sector: the result is an intensive eight-week full-time course based on learning method learning by doing, which allows the immediate practical application of theoretical notions. Leading the teaching are teachers-programmers with considerable experience and constantly updated to offer students the best training and a continuous comparison on the news of the programming languages ​​in daily evolution.

bitCamp has thought of a 360 ° training: the studies carried out on the world of work underline how much it is not enough to possess only the technical skills related to a specific profession. In order to fully respond to the job requests of the ICT sector it is necessary to develop other skills: for this reason bitCamp has thought of further plus services that are added to the training as a Java Developer, such as coaching meetings for the development of soft skills and Business English lessons with mother tongue teachers.

The program of the bitCamp Java developer course is oriented towards the immediate acquisition of the theoretical and practical notions necessary for immediate insertion into professional realities of great value: team di Recruiters bitCamp is constantly working to satisfy the job offers of the main multinationals by proposing the most suitable profiles on leaving the course. Working as a Java Developer is an opportunity to be seized on the fly to find a highly sought-after and well-paid job: find out more about the bitCamp course and build a career full of satisfactions!