Predator Race Cup 2022: great success for the final of the Assetto Corsa competition

Acer collabora con MediaWorld per la Predator Race Cup 2022

Manuel Biancolilla is the winner of the Assetto Corsa Predator Race Cup 2022 which on Saturday 21 May recorded many views

Great success for the Italian final of the Predator Race Cup 2022highly anticipated competition of Race trim played on May 21st online and commented live from the MediaWorld Tech Village in Milano Certosa by Michael Spampinato, F1WithCarolina, Blink46 and Michele Nerbi, reigning champion of the Predator Race Cup 2021. Fans had the opportunity to attend the final chapter of the competition. sim racing directly in the store – a unique opportunity to get to know the well-known streamers live – or from home, on the Twitch channels of F1WithCarolina and Blink46, which recorded thousands of views. On the national podium Manuel Biancolilla and Amedeo Castorino: both will represent Italy at the international final on 14 June and will compete with the best players of each country for the priceless opportunity to join Romain Grosjean’s R8G eSports team.

The final of the Assetto Corsa Predator Race Cup 2022 was memorable!

Here are the statements of Matteo Barazzetta, Acer Retail Head on the final of the Predator Race Cup 2022 of Assetto Corsa:

We are happy with the success of the Italian final of the Predator Race Cup, which immediately attracted strong interest from fans of esport, sim racing and video games in general. As Acer we believe it is important to create winning collaborations with a commercial partner of the caliber of MediaWorld, on the one hand to concretely testify our commitment in the gaming and esports sector – in which we are market leaders in Italy – on the other hand because we believe that today it is essential to offer new consumers not only high-performance and cutting-edge products, but also interactive and increasingly phygital experiences.

Predator Race Cup 2022: great success for the final of the Assetto Corsa competition

Below are the comments of Stefania Cocciola, Head of Market for computer science and games:

It is a pleasure for MediaWorld to have enhanced our collaboration with Acer, hosting the Predator Race Cup 2022 at the Tech Village Milano Certosa, our experience center dedicated to innovation that was born precisely as a place to host initiatives of this kind. Last Saturday, many attended the final stage of the exclusive Assetto Corsa tournament and the possibility for the public to be present live and at the same time online, allowed us to share this experience with a wide audience of experts and enthusiasts. At the MediaWorld Tech Village in Milano Certosa, we offer a wide range of products dedicated to the world of gaming, a constantly growing phenomenon in which we have been a point of reference for years. In fact, it is possible to find both the most representative products of this sector, such as headphones, mice, keyboards, as well as monitors and desktops for every need, up to steering wheels and ergonomic gaming chairs for a totally immersive and comfortable experience. To make this gaming shopping experience even more complete, we have also created a dedicated page accessible from our site

At the end of the race it was possible to test the Silverstone circuit, 5.891 km long and known for its long and complex curves, on the powerful NEROFORTE simulator equipped with Predator Gaming devices, choosing one of the customized Predator and MediaWorld cars.

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