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Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG

In this preview we will tell you about Shattered Heaven, a particular hybrid between narrative turn-based RPG and card-based roguelike

Shattered Heaven is an all new video game Italian under development by Leonardo Production. This title is a hybrid between a classic turn-based RPG and a card-based roguelikebut as if that were not enough it is also characterized by a very present narrative component.

The title will be available in early access on Steam starting from 31 Maybut luckily we got to try it in depth. If you are interested in learning more about Shattered Heaven, you can therefore easily find them all our first impressions within this preview.

Fight for Survival – Shattered Heaven preview

Shattered Heaven is set in one universe dark fantasy in which, following the death of God, the world has turned into a barren wasteland infested with terrible creatures. Living in such a place is not easy at all and to make matters worse human beings also have to deal with a terrible curse which condemns them to sterility and a life expectancy of up to forty years.

Determined to survive, the men split into four major factions and they started training brave warriors to offer as sacrifices in the War of the Ascension, an ancient ritual that seems to be able to break the curse that afflicts them. In this desperate situation you you will take control of just one of these sacrifice groups and you will have to go through a series of trials and battles to win the favor of the gods.

The basic story is quite simple but we were very impressed by the way the development team went about it worldbuilding. The game world in fact seems to be really very well cared for and moreover there is also a Codex which allows you to explore all its most curious aspects. What the game seems to focus on the most though are the relationships between the characters. During our test we got to know both the protagonists and several supporting actors and we really appreciated it the naturalness with which they interacted with each other.

However, although there are well-characterized characters with a defined personality, in Shattered Heaven you will still have the opportunity to influence the story with your actions. In fact, during the game you will often be put in front of some choices that may affect your game in unexpected ways in the future.

Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG

Rules of Battle – Shattered Heaven preview

In Shattered Heaven, battles are fought using carte which obviously respond to specific rules. At the beginning of each of your turns you will have to draw five cards and you’re free to play as many as you like as long as you have AP available. In fact, each card will have an AP cost which varies according to its power and effects, and normally your character he will start each turn with two AP.

Cards are divided into different types which serve to roughly outline their usefulness in battle. For example there are cards belongs which mainly serve to inflict damage, those shield that allow you to protect yourself and those of support which have more specific effects. In addition, each card is associated with one of four Saving several that serve to activate specific effects or abilities.

These rules are very similar to those of many other card games, but Shattered Heaven stands out in terms of deck management. Initially you will have a basic deck, but as you progress in the game you will have the opportunity to unlock new cards that you can insert as you prefer in the deck. Indeed, despite having some roguelike elements, Shattered Heaven allows the player to create your own deck freelythus allowing for easily create specific combos and synergies. In addition, you will also have the possibility to save different decks, in order to be able to alternate them according to the opponents you are going to face.

Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG

Teamfights – Shattered Heaven preview

As in other strategic card games, during a fight you will always have the option to see in advance the actions of enemies. For example, if an opponent is preparing to attack you can comfortably see above his head the icon of the character he is about to hit. Another of the peculiarities of Preview Shattered Heaven is in fact that in battle you will not control just one character, but rather a party made up of three different fighters: Andora, Magni and Ishana. Each of your warriors will have your personal deck composed of specific cards and moreover will also have unique abilities and mechanics.

Andora is a deadly warrior who fulfills a da DPS and which becomes much stronger after playing a card of each type of gem three times. Magni is a tank specializing in defending himself and allies, but at the same time each time he is hit he gains rage points which he can spend to activate powerful abilities. Ishana, on the other hand, is a character who specializes in attacks and penaltiesbut also has a unique mechanic that allows it to significantly enhance the effects of the cards using thirst, a value that increases when killing an enemy or through other factors.

All this differentiation between the characters it helps make fights more complex and also offers a greater variety during matches. Having to manage three different decks allows players to experiment different styles of play and create unique strategies that also rely on supporting other characters.

Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG

Sacred War – Shattered Heaven preview

In Shattered Heaven the missions that you are assigned mainly consist of killing enemies or collecting certain items and to complete them you will have to visit different dungeons. These mazes are built in several floors and each of them will come randomly generated every time you enter. While you are in a dungeon you will be free to move freely between the boxes of the map and whenever you reach an unexplored one you can find yourself in a large number of different situations. For example, sometimes you may find a treasure, other times you may run into cards, while still others you may be forced to face enemies. You will also often come across a large number of random events which, based on your choices and your resources, can offer you advantages or disadvantages.

As you can easily guess the dungeons are the places where most of the elements are present roguelike of the game, but unfortunately they are also the ones who have left us with the most perplexity. Usually elements the collection of new cards are always very appreciated in roguelikes of this type, but in Shattered Heaven instead they will mainly turn into gods annoyances. This is because, given the possibility of creating very specific decks, you will almost never be happy to be forced to take new cards. By thoroughly exploring each floor you will surely end up collecting a large number of unwanted cards that will only make your decks less efficient. All this ends up making the exploratory phases really not funny and very often it will push you to get to the end of the dungeon as fast as possible.

Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG

Style to sell – Shattered Heaven preview

As for the technical sector there is not much to say about Shattered Heaven. The game is really a lot light and manages to maintain good performance even on less performing PCs. Furthermore, during our test we did not come across any type of bug. The only aspect that leaves something to be desired are some animations which result a bit too basic but overall this flaw does not damage the quality of the title too much.

The artistic sector, on the other hand, is the aspect in which Shattered Heaven shines the most. The game has a very interesting dark style that goes very well with the twisted and original enemy designs that you will face during the adventure. Also the illustrations some cards are really splendid and so are the wallpapers they are made with great care.

Preview Shattered Heaven: an Italian card-based RPG


Now it’s finally time for our preview where we give you an opinion on Shattered Heaven. During our test this peculiar turn-based RPG managed to conquer us thanks to the care of the game world and excellent characterization of the characters, but also a lot simple yet effective game system with cards. In addition, we also appreciated the differentiation of the three characters, which helps to make the clashes really varied and fun. The only side of the game that did not fully convince us is the roguelike one, but we are sure that during the early access period the developers will enrich it with other elements that will help improve it. In short, if you love card video games and exciting stories, Shattered Heaven it’s definitely a title worth keeping an eye on.

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