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Prince of Persia: a roguelite coming from the developer of Dead Cells?

The indie developer who gave birth to Dead Cells could take the helm of a new Prince of Persia, according to a rumor

After what seemed like an eternity, finally Prince of Persia has come back to life, and after the arrival of The Lost Crown we could have another game belonging to this underused IP: specifically, a roguelite from the developer of Dead Cells. This, at least, according to a rumor, more precisely as reported by the leaker Tom Henderson in his article for Insider Gaming. In the report, in fact, the affected development team is Evil Empire, who earlier this year declared that support for the acclaimed indie would be ending in favor of “new adventures.” If what Henderson revealed is true, we have a pretty clear idea of ​​what to expect from the title.

“The Rogue Prince of Persia”: a new experiment from the authors of Dead Cells?

You might think that the subtitle above might be mere journalistic rhetoric on our part, but in reality the authors of Dead Cells have exactly this in mind as a title: The Rogue Prince of Persia. The roguelite, again according to Henderson's rumors, would boast an artistic style inspired by the Franco-Belgian comics (Lucky Luke, The Adventures of Tintin and, above all, Asterix). The gestation would have started in 2019, shortly after the very foundation of Evil Empire, following discussions between the development team and Ubisoft at the Game Developers Conference of the same year. Free post-launch support will be “constant”, based on synergistic feedback between the publisher and players. The game would, in theory, an early access launch on Steam this year. Appointment in exactly one week, for the showcase Triple-i Initiative of Evil Empire expected on April 10th.

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