Project Midnight: details on the new dark fantasy game made by Compulsion Games

Compulsion Games does not stop and starts showing some details of Poject Midnight, a new dark fantasy game

Project Midnight is the new dark fantasy game made by Compulsion Games, same authors of We Happy Few. The development team has been largely silent about their next game since they were acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Recently, we found that the studio’s next project will be a storytelling-based single player third-person game and thanks to a report released by Windows Central, new details about the project have been revealed, as well as some interesting artwork. Let’s see them together in this dedicated article!

Compulsion Games reveals details on the new Project Midnight game

According to the report, Compulsion Games’ new game, currently codenamed “Project Midnight”, will be set in a “dark and fantastic world“. Inspired by the American Deep South, the game will tell a story history of training and personal growth, resulting mature and with strong tones. It will be a totally single player third person action game with a focus on magic and various enemies of fantasy inspiration, like harpies. Some concept art of the game was also shown in the report, showing the game’s protagonist, some enemies and much more.

Project Midnight: details on the new dark fantasy game made by Compulsion Games

Of course, until we hear something from Compulsion or Microsoft, it’s hard to be completely sure about the details of the game, but it sure seems to be a project with one. unique style from keep an eye on. We can’t wait to find out more about this new game and as always stay tuned for more updates.

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