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PS Plus: May games according to a leak

A leak that recently appeared on the net reported three games arriving in May on PS Plus, but it is not said that they will be appreciated by subscribers

As we have already said here, at the moment the Sony is renewing its service for subscribers in order to have a “whole new” one already by the end of the year. But before we get that far in the months let’s take a closer look and more precisely at the possible games of May of the PS Plus. Let’s start!

PS Plus: What will be the games in May?

If Sony wants to combine the current service with that of Now to feed users well 700 titles belonging to previous generations of Sony consoles are all dripping fat, peppered with levels Essential, Extra e Premiumbut according to a leak, not many subscribers will be happy with the PS Plus games of May.

Once again the scene of this leak is Twitter, for the occasion “Chirping” of Nibel that we leave you below, which seems to have already guessed right on the subject during the last year and beyond. According to Nibel, therefore, the next titles that users could see on their consoles could be FIFA 22 (PS4 and PS5), Tribes of Midgard (PS4 e PS5) ed infine Curse of The Dead Gods (PS4).

If the latest sports game is one of those titles that is bought practically in bulk as soon as it comes out and the other two are much more indie titles it is Easy enough to predict that users will certainly not cry out for a miracle. Then, of course, remember that it is a leak so there is always a certain “margin of error”.

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