PS Plus Premium: a leak heralds the arrival of Siphon Filter

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The leaks continue on the addition of retro games on the PS Plus Premium service where, according to the latest, Siphon Filter could also arrive

It is useless to go around it. As beautiful and exciting as today’s games are there is, and always will be, a part of the public who want to play a little more “seasoned” titles even on modern consoles. In fact, according to a leak, it may be time for Siphon Filter to land on PS Plus Premium toobut let’s go ahead with some order!

Siphon Filter: The first two chapters could arrive (improved) on PS Plus Premium

Some time ago (click here to find out more) we already told you about a leak that “predicted” the arrival of Tekken 2, Ridge Racers and Mr. Driller on this Sony service, in Game Pass style so to speak, but obviously the list of games of that first magical console could certainly not end there.

In fact, a Korean video game rating site seems to have revealed to the general public that they may be on the way first two chapters of the legendary Siphon Filter saga on PS Plus Premium. For the uninitiated, this is a third person shooter published by 989 Studio and developed since then Eidetic (today Bend Studio among whose latest efforts we point out Days Gone).

PS Plus Premium: a leak heralds the arrival of Siphon Filter

But it won’t be quite the same title as two decades ago since it has been “revised and corrected” to better adapt to modern standards going to add new layers, backwards compatibility, cloud streaming and much more. For the moment we do not know anything more, but we are sure that further information will arrive sooner than we can imagine.

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